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Character of the comics Jason Marvel

Jason Marvel is a fictional character of the comic bookthe universe of the corporation Marvel Comics. He is not a very well-known hero, as he rarely appears on the pages of comic issues and especially on television screens.

Jason Marvel. Who is it?

If we talk about which people belong toJason, it should immediately be noted that he is not a man. He is the representative of the alien people of Sparta, which are almost identical to the outwardly human race.

Jason Marvel

Not only is he an alien alien,so he is also considered the prince of the Great Galactic Empire of the Spartans. Such a high post and status obliges to some actions on the part of Jason Marvel. It is the obligations of the prince of the Empire that will force him to leave the Earth, so beloved by him.

Jason Marvel and the Star Lord

An important fact can be called that he is by the comic books the father of the notorious hero Marvel Peter Quill, who will later become the Star Lord.

Jason Marvel and Peter for a long time did not know about the existence of each other and, of course, did not meet. Although once they all met.

How did it happen that the alien becamethe father of man? Everything is very simple. Once upon a time, a misfortune happened to Jason - his spacecraft crashed, and he was forced to make an emergency landing somewhere in the area of ​​the American state of Colorado.

Here in the mountains he found a simple American named Maridith Quill. She went out, healed his wounds and even helped in repairing the ship.

During the time spent with Maridith, Jasonreally loved her, however, as already mentioned above, the duty of the Prince of the Galactic Empire has its obligations. One of them is the need to participate in the war.

Iason Marvel Star Lord

For this reason, Jason Marvel left his beloved. To save her from the torment he had to erase her memory.

The son of Lord Yason Marvel

Maridith, completely forgetting because of the erased memory ofher recent lover, married, and only a few months later became a mother prematurely. The girl's husband was shocked that the baby is completely different from him, so he even made an attempt to kill the child, but suddenly he died from a heart attack.

Interestingly, at the time of the birth of the baby all the planets were lined up in a row.

Marydith gave the child the name Peter and her last name, because she did not remember her son's son, and she did not want to give the name of her deceased husband because of his attempt to kill her son.

Interesting facts from biography

Jason Marvel after he left the Earth, not suspecting that he has a son, became king of the planet Spartacus. Together with other planets, Jason declares the Earth not to be subject to interaction.

He learns that he has a native son who managed to protect his planet from the attack of extraterrestrial invaders belonging to the race of Badun.

Jason, who later received the nickname Mr. Knife and became a supervillain, orders to catch Peter and his entire team, called the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Despite all of Jason's attempts to destroy friendsPeter alone and to persuade his son to his side, he does not get out, because he did not consider that among Peter's friends there is Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), who eventually helped the Guards to get out of the difficult situation.

Because of this defeat, Jason Marvel had toto leave his native Spartacus. He lost everything: power, wealth and status. Enraged at fate, he begins to build a criminal empire, taking the pseudonym Mr. Knife.

Lord Jason Marvel

The newly discovered supervillain establishes the Massacre, which is engaged in recreating an ancient artifact, referred to as the "Black Whirlwind". In addition, he announces a reward for the capture of his son.

The Star Lord (Peter) is forced along with hiscommand to attack the criminal organization of Mr. Knife. Then Quill did not even suspect that he was fighting his own father. When they find themselves face to face Jason reveal the truth to him.

As a result, Jason found himself in an amber prison created by the powerful villain Thanos.


Jason Marvel is the father of Peter Quill,known as the Star Lord and leader of the protective organization known as the Guardians of the Galaxy, only in comics. In the movie of 2017, "Guardians of Galaxy 2" Peter Quill's father became another character in the universe, which bears the name of the planet Ego.

This often happens when one and the same story is interpreted differently in movies and comics, even when the creation of both is done by one company.

who is this?

Jason Marvel is a pretty significant charactercomics Marvel, so in certain circles of fans of printed superhero comic books, he is fairly well known. However, most people do not know about the existence of such a fictional hero of comic books, because they are guided mainly by the cinematic universe of the company, in which not all the characters are present.

Be that as it may, Jason greatly influences the development of events in the comic book series about the Guardians of the Galaxy, so it's worth remembering.

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