/ How to draw a sneaker realistically?

How to draw a sneaker realistically?

If you like drawing and decided to go toimage of shoes, then you can start with a sneaker. Drawing them is not difficult, you can do it quickly. So, how to draw sneakers in stages using a simple pencil? Let's start.

We start drawing sneakers with a pencil

To begin, prepare all you needsubjects for drawing. This paper, a simple pencil, a quality eraser (if you do not want to ruin the drawing of daubs, do not buy cheap eraser). If you want, take also colored pencils, markers or markers. How to draw a sneaker? Think from which perspective will be depicted shoes. If you draw sneakers on the side, you should start with the sole. Draw a horizontal line. After sketching out the soles, go to the back, the tongue and the place that clasps the bootleg. When we learn to draw sneakers with a pencil, we always pay attention to the tongue.

how to draw a sneaker
He must strongly speak. It is for this detail is often clear that the figure is not shoes or sneakers, but exactly sneakers.

Finish drawing correctly

The sketch is ready. Now it's important to finish the drawing correctly. Draw again the sole. Do not forget that it does not consist of a single line. Show it on a piece of paper. Do not forget that the sole of athletic shoes should be wide enough. With light movements of the pencil, put on the front of the sneaker hole for the laces, and then the laces themselves. And how to draw a sneaker of a certain brand? To do this, it is enough to "attach" to the tongue or sidewall of the shoes a well-known label of the sports company. Now finally draw all the details of the sneakers, erase the extra lines that helped you in the work. If you want, paint your creation with pencils, markers or markers.

Do not forget the important details

When drawing sports shoes it is important to take into account some of the nuances. Remember that sneakers are hard shoes, the leg in it holds a shape.

how to draw sneakers in stages

Rather, the heel is always in place, it is still. But the sock can change shape, that is, bend. This is important - because the sneakers are designed for running and exercise. If you're painting sneakers on the feet of a running man, do not forget about this particular shoe. In the place where the foot of the runner touches the ground, apply more hatching with a simple pencil. This will allow you to create a shadow in the picture, which will make the image even more realistic.

How to draw a sneaker child?

The child can not very realistically transferobjects on paper. But the children are very fond of drawing. How do you represent a sneaker to a child? Drawing should not start from the sole, passing to the rest of the details. The child will not be able to do it. Let him in the beginning of the work outline the entire contour of shoes. Then, at the bottom of the sketch, you draw three horizontal parallel lines. It will be an excellent outsole. Now we need to sketch out the lining and lacing schematically. Laces are better to depict crossed crosswise, this is a simple job, even for the child. Now you need to give shoes personality. How to draw a sneaker youth style? On the shoes you need to draw several lines of different orientation. Such design is preferred by young people and teenagers. Dashed line "sash" sneakers. The shoes are ready.

learn to draw with a pencil
By analogy with the first it is necessary to depict the secondsneakers. Now the child can paint the picture, because all children love and appreciate the brightness in the work. Boys like black sneakers (and also gray and blue), and girls often choose colors more expressive - red, pink, yellow. At the same time, the sole of sports shoes is best left white.

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