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How to draw a mountain ash with a pencil

Drawing is a long and often verycomplicated. After all, it is necessary not only to convey the appearance of the object and its contours, but also to observe the correct proportions and display the volume. And if you take into account the fact that a beautiful drawing necessarily implies the presence of shadows, then it is a little scary to take up a pencil or brushes.

How to draw a mountain ash
Few of us are a real artist. But with due skill, and also guided by step-by-step instructions, any masterpiece is by force. If you do not know how to draw a mountain ash, and there is such a need, then adopt the following method. It will help quickly and without much effort to display on paper the desired.

How to draw a rowan tree branch: the beginning

Schedule the main workspace. It is in it and will be drawn separate details of the cluster. Draw the most common circle a little irregularly. It can be slightly elongated in length. It all depends on what form will have the brush of the mountain ash you need. In addition to the circle, draw three lines. They should literally stick out of the circle. Further, these sketches will turn into twigs and leaves.

How to draw a rowan tree branch

How to draw a rowanberry: berries

In a large circle delineate a dozensimilar, but already small in size. It will be berries. They can also be not quite the right form, because nature does not tolerate clear lines and strict contours. Three lines draw to twigs. The basic must be thicker. It is attached directly to the whole bunch of berries. The other two can be made more subtle. On them will be located leaves.

How to draw a mountain ash: final touches

For each berry, you need to attach a separatea short twig. After all, the fruits of mountain ash can not hang in the air without support. Berries gather in a single brush, which is attached to the base - a thicker branch. Leaves will be located on each side.

Grapes of mountain ash to draw
They are oval in shape and small in size. Grapes of rowan to draw not so difficult. The main thing is to do everything carefully and not rush. Lines should not be too smooth. The branches can easily bend. The more flaws, the better. The picture will be more natural. Draw the jagged edges and veins on the leaves. Remember that rowan berries have slightly crushed tops. You can not draw such a nuance on every fruit. It is enough to limit oneself to a few things, because berries can be located at different viewing angles.

If you do not know how to draw a mountain ashpencil, then with the help of the recommendations given above, it is very easy to do this. Add a color or volume to the image. To do this, shade the darker places, as well as the details that will be in the shade. If you draw with a simple pencil, the outline and sketches are best done using a model marked "T" or "2T". This type will not allow the sketch to smear and stain the sheet of paper. Hatching, as a rule, is performed with a softer pencil. Such models are marked with the sign "M", and also "2M". These are the most optimal options for giving the volume to the drawing and performing the shadows. In the case of color pencils, you can simply change the pressure on the lead.

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