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Setting up the ukulele: all the details

The standard ukulele has four strings. Usually use nylon components. Frequent adjustment of the ukulele is necessary just because of the material of the strings. They have the property of stretching and knocking down even the most accurate settings. After the deformation of the strings ceases, the tool will hold the system longer.

ukulele setting

general information

The construction refers to the settings of the sound of open strings. They are set so that it's easy to play the often used chords. The ukulele can be adjusted in several ways. It can have different types - depending on the music in which style is performed on the instrument. Adjustment can depend on the guitar and its size. Approximately the same ukulele setting is made if the instrument belongs to the types "Soprano", "Tenor" or "Concert". In this case, the strings should sound at frequencies:

  • The first (A) - 440 Hz.
  • The second (E) is 329.6 Hz.
  • The third (C) is 261.6 Hz.
  • The fourth (G) is 392 Hz.

This is a standard system that is suitable forperformance of any works. You can make the most accurate settings with a digital tuner. If you do not have this device, use other methods.

Hearing Tuning

To adjust the ukulele without the help of foreign devices, it is necessary to follow the algorithm:

  1. Make precise settings for one string, for example, the first one. It needs to be built according to the sound of A.
  2. Clamp the fifth fret of the second string. Achieve her sound with the first open in unison.
  3. On the second, adjust the third string with a squeezed fourth fret.
  4. If you want to get high G, then it is rebuilt on the first. For this, the second string is clamped on the fourth string and achieves unison sounding from A.
  5. Low G is rebuilt on an open third string. For this, the fourth is clamped on the fifth fret.

After all the settings are fulfilled, you can proceed to the execution of any works.

ukulele setting via microphone

Microphone setting

If you have a microphone and the ability to connectit to the PC, then you can use the online tuner. This is the usual procedure. Adjusting the ukulele through the microphone is extremely simple. Its one plus is absolute accuracy. To do this, you need to fix the microphone at a distance of 30 to 50 centimeters from the outlet and allow the Flash player to use it. Next on the site will appear tips. It is necessary to pull the strings in turn and build them in accordance with the text appearing on the screen. Using network capabilities will allow you not to spend money on the tuner. Some musicians use even microphones from standard headphones for PCs.

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