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Elena Rudenko: a unique author with a non-unique surname

Today it is not so easy to find a good book, andThis is due not to the deficit of printed publications, but to their surplus. How not to get lost in this paper sea? Find a few worthy authors and keep track of their creativity, as well as from time to time look for new ones. Those who have never heard of Elena Rudenko, but who love good detective stories and science fiction, we recommend to pay attention to it.

Elena Rudenko

Biographical information

The writer was born on June 24, 1981. In Novorossiysk. Elena Rudenko is a graduate in economics and entrepreneurship. Moreover, she defended her Ph.D. thesis in the same direction.

Since 2009, Elena Alexeevna lives in St. Petersburg, working for her main profession.

The first work of the author appeared on the web in2001, the first work in paper version was published by the publishing house "Lad" in 2004. It was a collection of short stories "Dangerous communications". Since that time Elena Rudenko regularly encourages her readers with new works.

Elena Rudenko recalled


It should be noted that Rudenko writes in a veryrecognizable stylistics. If you look at her debut works - stories about Maximilian Robespierre, in which the future leader of the French revolutionary movement appears in the form of a detective, you will get the impression that the author pays more attention to historical prose. But some people call these books classical prose, someone - an alternative history. However, most of all Elena Rudenko gravitates to the genre of the detective story or mystical, and in general, almost every of her work is saturated with a touch of dark fiction. In her bibliography there is even a classic Gothic novel After Christmas, and a work in the horror genre Cold Waters. However, the last book unfolds in the XIX century, and as a tie the young person's death is offered, so this is the same mystical detective, only a little more frightening and ticklish feeling.

Elena Rudenko: Readers' Comments

There are two authors in the network - Elena GrigorevnaRudenko and Elena Rudenko. The first is a well-known in narrow circles writer in the genre of a love-fiction novel and a modern novel ("The Wife of the Dark Lord", "Painted Prince"). The second Elena Rudenko is the author presented today, the creator of a lot of detective stories of history with a mystical touch. Because of this, readers are a bit confused.

But the real fans, as the author in particular, soand the genre as a whole, share these authors well, and Elena Rudenko has many positive reviews about her work. From negative opinions, one sometimes encounters a short comment "I did not like it," but in general, readers appreciate the plot, the style, and all the small details that make Rudenko's books unique.

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