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How to draw a hare using a pencil

The ability to draw animals is a special art,which can be learned by everyone. Drawing these living creatures, it is important to remember that animals are very mobile, so the picture must convey the full dynamism of their behavior. Accordingly, the more active the animal behaves in the natural environment, the more difficult it is to draw. Perhaps, one of the most popular representatives of fauna, which is most often trying to portray, is a hare.

Many people ask: "How to draw a hare, so it turned out beautiful and looked like a living one?" To do this, you need to perform several standard drawing steps. And the hare will look like a living one.

Before you draw a hare, you need toDetermine which animal you want to draw: a cartoon or an ordinary long-eared. Many steps depend on this choice, which will have to be done during drawing, so that the image is beautiful and neat.

Consider the first option (if you want to draw a hare-cartoon with a simple pencil).

how to draw a hare in stages
Then you will have a logical question: "How to draw a hare in pencil?" In this case, you can first depict the outlines of the animal's muzzle. Then draw all the details: eyes, nose, ears, mouth and teeth. The next step will be the image of the legs and body of the animal. Then it is necessary to add hind legs and finish the missing small details of the exterior of the animal: chub, claw, fur and others.

It is more difficult to portray a real hare, because inThere will be more details in this picture. In addition, it is necessary to make the animal as resembling the present as possible, because only in this case the drawing will turn out to be beautiful, finished and will attract attention. To make it all work, you need to know how to draw a hare in stages.

how to draw a hare
The first step to a successful image of thethe animal will be the designation of his body parts. The best way to do this is with the help of ovals. In other words, first mark the ovals and circles where your hare will have a head, where the body is, and where the paws are. At this stage it is necessary to determine the position in which the animal will be depicted, whether it will be drawn in motion or in a static position.

How to draw a hare completely? To do this, it is necessary to connect the resulting ovals with smooth curved lines to give the desired shape to the animal's body. It is also important to pay attention to the proportionality of the image. After the forms of the body of the hare are traced, we proceed to the image of smaller details: the eyes, nose, ears. Since we try to draw the most believable animal, at the end of the image it is necessary to designate shadows, and also to work out the hare's fur. To make the fur look beautiful, it is necessary to apply short parallel strokes (about 0.5-1 cm in length) with a pencil, adjusting the pressure. Accordingly, the pressure on the pencil is higher, where the shadow falls on the hare's fur. In the same place where the animal's skin is bathed in the sun, the strokes should be light.

how to draw a hare in pencil
So, now you know how to draw a hare, andyou see that the process is not that difficult. The main thing in it is to have fun with drawing! And then everyone will admire your image without exception!

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