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Historical novels. Love stories that come to life in touching films

Historical novels of love can be safely attributedto a separate genre of cinema art. And today we will talk about the best works of such a plan that have found a response in the hearts of thousands and even millions of viewers around the world.

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"Glass virgin" (1995)

The main character, Anabella, has always representedherself in the future a rich and respected lady, living in luxury. In the dreams of the girl her husband became a refined and charming aristocrat, who requires only one of her chosen ones - always to remain beautiful, flowering, graceful and to rejoice the views of others. But fate decides otherwise. Anabella loses all her fortune and is on the street, among the miserable and poor. All the knowledge that she possessed - how to dress in this or that case, what rules of etiquette should be observed in different companies - here are useless. And now in order to survive, the heroine needs to learn how to earn and not give up, despite any obstacles.

"Wuthering Heights" (2009)

Talking about the historical romance novels, get aroundattention this film would be simply unacceptable. Events begin with a small background: many years ago, Mr. Ernshaw, the owner of that same estate, Wuthering Heights, returned to the children (the son of Hindley and daughter Katherine) in the company of a ragamuffin, a poor Romani boy. Hindley immediately disliked the new inhabitant of the estate, but his sister became friends with Heathcliff (the so-called gypsy woman). Catherine and Heathcliff were practically inseparable, and over time their feelings degenerated into deeper ones. However, the lovers were not destined to become happy together. Having lost the love of his life, Heathcliff swears to take revenge on everyone who has ever hurt him. Sooner or later the "Wuthering Heights" will be in his hands, and the offsprings of Hindley, Katherine, and Heathcliff himself will have to suffer for mistakes made by their parents.

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Jane Eyre (2011)

Historical novels of love based onthe subjects of the books by the writer Charlotte Bronte, are popular among the representatives of different generations. And the story of Jane Eyre is one of the most striking examples. Jane is an orphan who lived 8 years in a boarding school for poor girls. The girl manages to find a governess in Thornfield - an ancestral lands of Edward Rochester. In the native land the owner appears rarely, and Jane herself should at this time look after the 8-year-old Adele Varans, who is a pupil of an aristocrat. The very romantic story begins at a time when, after a long absence, Rochester returns ...

The "leprous" (1976)

Interesting in the plot and quite unusualhistorical love novels of Polish authors. "Leper" is the famous work of the director Jerzy Hoffmann. Despite the fact that the new film can not be called, it still remains a favorite for many. The main heroine of Hoffmann is Stephanie Rudetskaya, a young poor noblewoman, who is engaged in training the girl Lucia, the heiress of the noble family Popovskikh. In the heart of Stefania, a love for Valdemar Mihorovsky, the grandson of the owner of the Matsei estate, is born. Many years ago, Maciej himself was in love with Stephanie's grandmother, but he had to part with it - an obstacle to happiness was class inequality. Waldemar, as if repeating the story of his grandfather, falls in love with Stephanie, but, unlike his ancestor, runs the risk of throwing a challenge to the higher world and declaring the girl his bride. However, not everything is so simple - the family Mirohovskih against this marriage.

"Northanger Abbey" (2007)

Speaking about the best historical romance novels,screened at different times, it is worth noting this amazing film. The main character, a girl named Catherine Morland, goes to the resort in Bath with her aunt. The young lady hopes to experience the same adventures there as the characters of her favorite Gothic novels. Katherine meets Henry Tilney, the son of a once wealthy general who squandered all his fortune because of his addiction to gambling. General Tilney himself is incorrectly informed and he, considering Kathryn as a promising bride, invites her to her. However, the truth quickly surfaced. Learning that the girl herself is from a poor family, Tilni the eldest is furious. Nevertheless, Henry and Catherine have already irrevocably fallen in love with each other.

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"Another of Boleyn's kind" (2008)

This work of Justin Chadwick is worthy,to be the end of our article about historical romance novels. Films devoted to the fate of Mary and Anna Boleyn, filmed earlier. However, it was Chadwick who managed to make this story especially sensual, to allow viewers to imbue with every experience of the heroes. Guided by the ambitions of his family, both sisters are fighting for the favor of the monarch Henry VIII. But, despite the fact that the bed with Henry will have to be shared by both of them, only one is destined to rise to the throne for a short reign.

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