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How to draw a kitten in pencil (for beginners)

Probably, there is no person in the world who would have beendo not like kittens. No one can resist these lovely fluffy lumps. In order to raise someone's friends, relatives or loved ones, it's just necessary to give them a small homemade card with a small kitten.

How to Draw a Kitten
"How to draw a kitten, if I have not painted before?" - you ask. Very simple! This requires only a little time, a pencil and a desire to draw.

You will need to draw: paper, a couple of simple pencils (hard and soft), an eraser, a stationery knife (to sharpen pencils), a thin marker or black gel pen (for the outline), colored pencils or markers (if you want to colorize the image).

But most importantly: in order to learn how to draw a kitten, you need a good mood. Then everything will turn out, you will have a great time and will please your loved ones.

When you are ready, prepared and set to drawing, you can start. So, you are ready to learn how to draw a kitten step by step.

1) First, draw two ovals, as shown inpicture. The upper, more rounded, is the future head of the kitten, and the lower one is its body. We draw a line approximately in the center of the upper oval. With her help, we can draw a kitten's eyes on one level.

how to draw a kitten in stages

2) On the upper oval below draw fluffy cheeks, and above - a kind of "hair", disheveled hair. Near the "hairstyle" draw a kitten triangle-ears.

how to draw a kitten pencil

3) We finish drawing our ears. At this stage, you need to draw your eyes. Keep your eyes aligned with the line you took in the first stage. One eye will be slightly smaller than the other, because the kitten slightly turned his head to the side. This position is called semiprofile.

how to draw a kitten

4) Draw the kitten's chest and outline the front legs. To show that the wool is really soft and fluffy, draw it in zigzags.

how to draw a kitten

5) Finish drawing front paws.

how to draw a kitten

6) Draw the back of the kitten and one back foot. The second hind leg is behind the kitten, so it is not visible in the figure.

how to draw a kitten

7) Draw a big fluffy tail. In doing so, use the advice from the fourth stage.

how to draw a kitten

8) Drawing with a pencil is ready. Now that you know how to draw kittens with a pencil, you can make several images. In the meantime, circle the resulting pattern with a marker or a gel pen. Be very attentive and careful at this stage!

how to draw a kitten

9) If you want, you can colorize the kittenpencils or felt-tip pens. You can also experiment and try to color the kitten with colors. To do this, it is better to choose gouache, since it falls very well and dries quickly.

how to draw a kitten

The finished drawing can be placed in a frame,cut and paste on the postcard or send to a friend by correspondence. This instruction will be very interesting for children, since drawing a kitten is very simple and fun. Children will spend time with advantage, as drawing is one of the most fascinating classes.

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