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Elena Yesenina - biography and creativity

Today we will tell you who Elena Yesenina is. Her biography will be examined in detail below. It's about the Russian pop singer, poetess. Previously, she was known as Lena Valevskaya. This name is a creative pseudonym. In 2008, she appeared as a representative of Russia at a contest called "Slavianski Bazaar." I won the first place at this event.


Elena Esenina
Elena Yesenina was born in 1987. in Ryazan. For the first time she played the piano when she was 6 years old. By the age of 11, she learned by ear to select music from the movie "Mary Poppins". Elena Yesenina wrote her debut blues composition when she was in grade 5. The first performance of the girl passed in the club of the airborne school at the holiday.

Musical education

Elena Esenina, while still a schoolgirl, entered theRyazan Musical College named after the Pirogovs. She chose the variety and jazz department. I graduated from school with a gold medal. At the same time, she received a red diploma in the vocal class. During my studies I took an active part in various competitions. Takes only the first places. Thanks to participation in the Russian-French festival "Chanson", the singer at the age of 14 won a trip to Paris. In 2004 she became a student of the music faculty of the Moscow Pedagogical University. She graduated with a red diploma.

Creative way

elena esenina biography
Elena Esenina in 2005 went to Moscow. As a back-vocalist cooperates with Alexander Ivanovich Kalyanov - chansonnier. In 2007, I met Lev Leshchenko. It was thanks to this person that our heroine met with Dmitry Malikov. With him, the singer recorded a joint duet - the song "I love you". Subsequently, a clip was shot for this song, which was actively shown on the air of major music TV channels. She also participated in the project "PIANOMANI Ya". In 2007, the singer won the International Forum in Chisinau "Songs of Peace".

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