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Elena Muravieva: who is she?

If you are a fan of Russiancinematography, then you've probably heard about such a wonderful actress as Elena Muraveva. And maybe even watched movies with her participation. Those who only recently saw her in one of the roles, it will be interesting to learn a few facts from the biography of the actress.

Elena Muravyova

The future actress was born in Moscow on April 8, 1982, but immediately after school went to test fate in St. Petersburg.


Like many modern Russian starscinema, Elena Muraveva began with the theater. Immediately after school, the girl conquered the admission committee of St. Petersburg's GATA and got on the course of Sergei Parshin, where she studied until 2004. Then began her acting life on the stage of the theater and cinema.

It is interesting that, unlike many beginnersactors, the scene was not her dream since childhood. Elena Muravieva admits that she decided to act rather at random, and this thought came to mind only while studying in high school.


Professional acquaintance with the theater took place at Elena early. At the age of 17 she entered the service. But not an actress, but for now only the administrator of the theater.

Returned to the stage is no longer just a schoolgirl, butstudent. Elena Muravyova, an actress, returned to the theater! It happened immediately after graduation, and from 2004 to 2013 our heroine devoted herself to the Moscow "New Drama Theater".


The greatest popularity among viewers Elena Muravyova received, taking part in the film Sergei Sentsov "Fizruk."

A bright woman and at the same time a strict managerElvira Petrovna's school won the audience. In the opinion of the majority, Muravyova beautifully embodied the image of the storm of the teaching staff. For several seasons in a row, she played a second-rate school queen on the same platform with Dmitry Nagiyev. Thanks to her comedy series was enriched by many funny episodes with Elvira Petrovna.

Elena antsova actress

But by this time on her account there were severaldozens of roles. Career on the big screen Elena began in the year of graduation. In parallel with her work in the theater in 2004, our heroine starred in the TV series "Mongoose 2". Then she was invited to participate in various multi-series, full-length and short films. Elena worked not only with Russian filmmakers, but also took part in Ukrainian, Romanian ("Sunset", 2015) pictures.

To date, the filmography of Elena Muravieva has more than 30 roles. And we should assume that this is only the beginning. To be continued...

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