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Japanese "Legend of the Dinosaur" - an old and scary movie

If you like to tickle your nerves, the movie "The Legend of the Dinosaur" will provide you with this opportunity!

the legend of the dinosaur
The whole film is built on two maincontrasts - this is the bright joy of life and panic in the face of death. We must pay tribute to the musical designers of the film, the soundtrack to the film is picked up really with taste. Here you will hear tunes a la VIA 70's, alternating with rhythms in the style of disco, as well as intriguing motives in the spirit of James Bond. In many ways, thanks to the music and comic play of Japanese actors, the picture can be watched with interest. By modern standards, special effects here are rather primitive: it is a shaking movie camera, a toothy dragon doll, which would look good in a children's play. "Legend of the Dinosaur" in 1977 - a film and light, and nervously-tense at the same time.

movie the legend of the dinosaur
The Legacy of Antiquity

The film begins like a fairy tale "Alice in the countrymiracles ", where the heroine of the plot falls into a deep rabbit hole, which is a long dark tunnel. Only in our history, the girl is not in a fantastic looking glass, but on the bottom of the cave, the space of which is filled with eggs of real dinosaurs. The young Japanese, the son of the researcher, decides to go in search of a live plesiosaur, which, according to eyewitnesses, dwells near Mount Fuji. The legend of the dinosaur turns for the locals into a terrifying reality, where a monster begins to kill people, cruelly and bloodily.

Creativity or delirium?

the legend of the dinosaur 1977
From the point of view of art, the "Legend of the Dinosaur"is, rather, a mental splash filled with the personal phobia of the director and script writer. The impact on the viewer of the film is clearly destructive. There is a lot of screaming, disturbing faces smoking in the frame of the characters. Undoubtedly, if you want, you can find a deeper philosophy of the film. The idea that "man is also an animal that does not really understand its nature" is very well reflected in this tape. Take, for example, the scene when the protagonist meets a girl who has not seen a whole year. Now they are ready to embrace ... Suddenly the girl starts hysterically screaming, seeing behind the curtain a whole plexus of black snakes. Another scene: a naked lady washes in the shower, suddenly the light turns off in the house, she comes out of the bathroom, wipes her hair with a towel, and the monster at that time watches her in the window, and then attacks. Cruel, is not it? The leitmotif of the reviving beast is also the little shepherd who, during the whole film, yapping. Light film shots are very skillfully obscured by scenes in the fog. Quite a lot of episodes take place in the water, on its surface and in the depths. These images, if we consider them through the prism of psychotherapeutic analysis, indicate to us the unstable prenatal period in which the script writer stayed while still in the fetal embryonic state. "The Legend of the Dinosaur" - the film is ambiguous, on the one hand, it can be called a product frankly harmful, but on the other hand, there are people who like this picture. Therefore, we will not judge anyone strictly, let each of us have our own unique opinion. And if you, despite everything, after all that has been said, decide to turn on the disc with this picture, then enjoy viewing you!

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