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How to draw animals as expressively as possible

Armed with a pencil and a piece of paper, we drawHis gaze to the world of animals. It is very easy to feel your complete helplessness - to represent something, the animal world is too diverse and its forms are almost inexhaustible. But the experience of the world's artistic animalistics gives a positive answer to the question of how to draw animals recognizable and expressive. You need to do this consistently. And it is very important to trace and understand some common anatomical patterns of constructing forms.

How to draw animals

How to draw animals
To draw something, it followspreliminary well to analyze and understand. Therefore, the universal answer to the question of how to draw animals in stages, consists of two words - analysis and synthesis. After we have thought it all over and figured out what kind of image it is, we should graphically express this on a sheet of paper. Everything that we draw must necessarily be competently framed and convincingly constructed. We begin with the fact that we outline the overall large volumes of the body, neck, head and limbs. This is done with light strokes of a soft pencil. If something goes wrong, it is easily adjusted with an eraser. It is very important to take proportional relations between the individual parts of the figure correctly, if this crucial rule is not met, then we will not cope with the solution of the problem of how to draw animals. At the first, layout, stage of the figure, the movement of the figure must be thought out and indicated. Or her balance. The beast must stand firmly on its feet, regardless of whether it is moving somewhere or not.
How to draw animals in stages
In general, the universal principles of drawing anyanimals are easiest to consider on the example of some conventional animal. With all the diversity of fauna, all its representatives are built according to uniform rules. At subsequent stages of drawing, elements and details are worked out and generalized. We study forms of chiaroscuro. We focus our attention only on what is important to us. Do not copy or copy everything that the eye sees mechanically. Drawing is always a selection. As the drawing approaches the final - we generalize the image and give it a holistic view with wide sweeping strokes. If we followed all the general rules of drawing - the result will be good. And we can assume that in the first examination we sorted out the answer to the question of how to draw animals. Once again we look at the picture, analyze our mistakes, figure out how to avoid them in the future.
How to draw animals in pencil

From graphics to painting

And then you can think about how to portrayanimals in color. There are other materials and technologies, whose capabilities are almost inexhaustible. Gouache, watercolor, oil, tempera, acrylic. They are more complex, they will take more time and effort to develop. And these materials are much more expensive than a pencil and paper. But any painting is impossible without a strong preliminary drawing. Strong graphics are at the heart of everything. And before you take up the brushes, you must necessarily think about how to draw animals with a pencil.

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