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Promotion of the brand in social networks

Promotion of the brand in social networks is becomingmore and more relevant in the modern world. However, most companies do not really trust this kind of advertising. This is understandable, because the number of large Russian firms that decided to take their place in social services is rather limited, whereas foreign colleagues have long realized their enormous potential and successfully use it for their own purposes.

Promotion of the brand in social networks -quite a new direction in Russia. This did not prevent the appearance of specialists and companies engaged in this type of work professionally. A social network is an Internet environment that allows you to interact effectively with your audience. To make the brand promotion strategy more understandable, let's look at several ways to implement it.

Ways to promote

Despite the fact that social networks produced inbusiness is a real revolution, it is necessary to master them gradually and according to certain rules. Currently, there are a number of options that implement the promotion of the brand in social networks. The most effective is to create and promote the corporate community / group. In comparison with traditional methods of Internet advertising (for example, a banner), the availability of which is provided by certain social networks, the promotion of the group has several obvious advantages:

- moderate cost;

- Advanced targeting (targeting);

- universality (suitable for almost all areas of activity);

- high efficiency, as the attraction of users to the resource can be unlimited;

- interest of the target audience -users attracted by this method of promotion, view many more pages than users who access the site through other advertising methods;

- the possibility of receiving feedback from customers and, as a result, increasing customer loyalty.

Tools for promotion:

  1. Development, creation of brand representation.
  2. Promotion with the help of hidden marketing in similar communities.
  3. Creation, distribution of news, information about the brand.
  4. Distribution of audio, photo, video content.
  5. Conducting flash mobs, contests, quizzes.
  6. Branding popular communities and more.

Promotion in social networks Vkontakte, Facebook has become more effective with the advent of services that allow you to create ads with extensive targeting capabilities.

Social networks almost monthlyare supplemented by new ways of promotion. The possibility of creating official pages of companies appeared on the Vkontakte network relatively recently (on Facebook this service has existed for a long time). The official page of the company differs from the corporate community in the possibility of mass mailings to subscribed users. This function is carried out by means of social services without the use of extraneous programs.

In order to promote the site of your company insocial networks, there are also certain methods. But do not forget that the most effective is high-quality content. If the materials of your site are boring, uninteresting and do not carry a constructive idea, you will have to spend a lot of time, money and efforts to promote them in social services. Your web-resource should contain materials interesting to bloggers that they refer to them. The topics of the materials should be chosen topical and acute, thereby causing them to be discussed on the forums.

Integrate the site with all sorts of socialmedia. These include social bookmarking services, networks, news services. Place on the site buttons of these resources, so that a visitor in one click could place a link to the material that interested him in social services.

Encourage bloggers who link to you, as incoming links are very important for website development.

Remember that, despite all the efforts made, the promotion of the brand in social networks, very effectively and quickly enough pays for itself.

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