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Making dolls with their own hands from pantyhose and fabric

A variety of toys sold in stores inour time, amazes. Belle-dolls, who have in the whole set of small worlds with houses, cars and collections of clothes, of course, attract the attention of both children and adults. But no matter how the toy manufacturers tried, simple rag dolls made by themselves will never lose their charm and attractiveness due to the fact that they contain a piece of the soul of the person who sewed the doll. In addition, making rag dolls with their own hands is very exciting, and you can do it together with children, discovering the most interesting world of needlework.

In ancient times rag dolls were sewn in Russianot just for fun. Along with dolls designed for children's games, dolls-amulets, and ceremonial dolls, including, Maslenitsa, which was customary to be burned for the holiday with the same name, were distributed. Puppets tried to sew as neatly as possible and put on beautiful clothes. As materials for making dolls, not only cloth, but also all kinds of natural materials served. It was believed that the doll brings joy, peace and luck to the house.

The most affordable way to try yourself in sewingdolls in our time is the making of dolls with their own hands from pantyhose. This will require materials available in every home or sold at every step. In the end, the old unnecessary tights are available for any woman. Depending on the shape and size of the doll, the number of necessary materials varies. You can sew a large doll with a rigid wire frame, or you can make a small puppet that does not require a "skeleton". Patterns for making dolls with their own hands from pantyhose is not required, because the head, face and body of such dolls are formed directly during its manufacture. In addition to the tights - the material from which the sheath will be made, the "skin" of the doll, - a sintepon for packing, threads, needles, scissors, cloth for clothes and various "finishing" materials for eyes and hair will be required for work. There is a great variety of master-classes on making dolls with their own hands from pantyhose, describing the whole process. As a result, very different dolls are obtained: cute, funny, fervent, lovely. You can use any of them. The appearance of the doll, in the end, depends only on the imagination of the author and on how much effort he put into his work.

In the manufacture of dolls there is such an interestingdirection, like a doll Tilda. This is a special subspecies of textile dolls. They are sewn according to the author's pattern Tony Finnanger, an artist from Norway. These rag dolls with barely marked facial features, having a rather recognizable color scheme, look very nice and attractive. And it is quite possible to make dolls of Tilde with their own hands. As materials for such dolls serve linen and cotton, which can be specially colored to obtain the desired color. Moreover, for these purposes, coffee or tea is most often used. Patterns of dolls Tilda can be found in special books, which the author of this direction has released more than a dozen, or on the Internet. The doll's stuffing consists of holofayber or sintepon, and hair can be made from soft yarn. Despite the fact that Tilda dolls originally have an author's design, no one forbids to show imagination in their manufacture and add their details without changing the idea of ​​Tony Finnanger.

Making dolls with your own hands from pantyhose orfabrics are a fascinating creative process and a wonderful hobby. Homemade dolls can perfectly fit into the interior, giving it coziness and home warmth. The doll can reflect the inner world of the author, bearing in him his features. And, of course, any child will enjoy playing with the doll that his mother sewed or himself. The world of dolls made by themselves is beautiful, you just need not be too lazy to look into it.

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