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Christmas tree of cones. We make an ornamental tree

Practically after every walk in the park, wherethere are coniferous trees, children carry home bumps. Such a natural material is excellent for making various crafts. It can be toys, souvenirs, decor elements. In this article, we'll talk about how a Christmas tree made of cones is made. Such a product can be a good alternative to a live coniferous tree on the eve of New Year's holidays. To your attention master-classes in which it is told about technology of performance of fur-trees from fruits of a pine are presented. So, we study information, look at photos and charge ourselves with a portion of inspiration.

Christmas tree of cones

Preparatory stage

Before proceeding directly toexecution of the craft "Christmas tree of cones", you need to arm all the necessary materials and tools. Fruits of pine clear of dust and dirt, wipe them with a damp cloth. Sort the cones to fit: from small to large. In addition, you will need scissors, a thermo gun, gouache paints or aerosol, PVA glue, A-3 cardboard, adhesive tape, a piece of plywood with a size of 50x50 cm, paper (newspapers, old notebooks).

how to make a tree of cones

How to make a Christmas tree out of cones? We study the step by step instructions

  1. From the cardboard we twist the cone. The edge is sealed with adhesive tape. We flatten the bottom of the workpiece so that the part is stable.
  2. From another sheet of cardboard we cut out a circle whose diameter coincides in size with the circle of the lower part of the cone.
  3. Inside the product we put crumpled paper, we seal the bottom. The basis for the craft "Christmas tree of cones" is ready. We install it on the plywood and proceed to fixing the natural material.
  4. On the lower part of the cone around the circle, we glue the large pine fruit with a thermo-pistol. The next row is made up of smaller cones. Closer to the top we attach small copies of these gifts of nature.
  5. Examine the tree, and if your tree of cones has voids between the fruits, fill them with chestnuts, acorns or nuts.
  6. You can decorate the product with gouache paintsGreen colour. Imitation of snow can be created with the help of white paint or, glueing the shredded polystyrene onto the cones. Very elegant and original will look like a Christmas tree, painted with a silvery or golden spray. Allow the product to dry completely.

Christmas tree with cones
In height, such a composition is obtained approximately35-50 centimeters. It can be placed in the center of the festive table or on the shelf of the cabinet. On the eve of New Year's holidays decorate it with toys, bows, garlands.

A small Christmas tree of cones (a hand-made souvenir)

This version of the tree is performed only fromone fruit of pine. To make a souvenir, cook rice, food coloring green, glue, a piece of plywood 10x10 cm, beads, wrapping paper.

Dye dilute the water according to the instructions, dipin the rice solution for a few seconds, and then dry it. Plywood wrap with wrapping paper, center the stick. Lubricate all the flakes with glue on it and cover them with rice. When the product dries, zadekoriruyte its bright beads. That's all, a small ornamental Christmas tree is ready. Such a souvenir can be an original gift for relatives and friends.

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