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Another currency of the PRC, or simply Hong Kong dollars

hong kong dollars
To date, one of the main financialcenters of the modern world economic system is the special administrative region of the People's Republic of China, which is known as Hong Kong. The fascinating history of the autonomous state, geographical position and a rather long English protectorate made from Hong Kong a powerful power, possessing at least insignificant dimensions, but a weighty authority in the world economic arena. Today, as already 16 years in a row, Hong Kong is officially part of China. But in fact, the influence on the autonomy of the PRC is insignificant and is carried out in various indirect ways. This situation is explained by the special administrative position assigned to Hong Kong by a carefully thought-out arrangement between Britain and China on the transfer of the British colony to the power of the PRC. Thus, Great Britain showed an act of goodwill, thanks to which the ethnic Chinese territories were reunited, and the PRC got the world's largest financial center. Today, the process of interaction between the economies of China and Hong Kong within one state system is an amazing symbiosis of two different, even hostile, ideologies. The effectiveness of symbiosis of this kind also affects and gives more than a positive result for the economies of both countries.

Hong Kong Dollars

Hong Kong dollar rate

The level of independence of this special administrative region of the People's Republic of China is so great that it even has its own currency. Hong Kong autonomy emits dollars from February 2, 1895. That is, since the colonization, the financial system of the special administrative region has not been transferred to the monetary units of China. But this, of course, is not the slightest problem for people living in China or in the autonomy, since the yuan and Hong Kong dollars are reliable highly liquidconvertible means of exchange of values. And as financiers say, the more dispersed the capital for the most reliable carriers, the safer it is to store.

Hong Kong Dollar to Ruble

Hong Kong Dollar Exchange Rate

Financial independence of the specialadministrative region of the People's Republic of China from mainland China is supported not only by the presence of its own internal monetary system, but also by its presence in the international market of Forex. Hong Kong Dollars it is customary to designate the bank code HKD and the cipher of the international standardization organization ISO 4217. In addition, the monetary unit of the autonomy is tied to the rate of the US dollar according toclearly established limits of currency fluctuations, as well as the majority of participants of the international system of floating exchange rates, including the yuan of the PRC. That, in turn, makes this monetary unit a means of exchange of values, subject to free conversion, regardless of the policy of the PRC. To date, the Hong Kong dollar to the ruble is correlated by the central banks of the states as 1 HKD for 4,15 RUB.

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