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A sample of a new type of medical policy. Health insurance policy

Today you will be presented with a samplemedical policy of a new sample. More recently, a similar document appeared in Russia. But already now he is in great demand. What kind of paper is this? How can it be formalized? What are the pros and cons of it? To understand all this is further. In reality, everything is not as difficult as it seems. After all, many citizens have already got acquainted with medical policies of a new type.

sample of a new sample medical policy

The policy is ...

The first step is to understand what kind of document is being discussed. A medical policy is a document that allows you to participate in OMS or VHI programs. Most often in practice, there is a first option.

Serves to receive free medicalassistance in all medical institutions in Russia. Every citizen should remember this. Recently, this document is issued in 2 types. The first is an old pattern. It represents a small paper of a blue color. It contains information about the insured person, as well as information about the insurance company.

The policy should be issued by every citizen of the Russian Federation. Even children at birth do. Therefore, it is important to know what the document is.


A sample of a new sample medical certificate will beis presented below. What does this document look like? The new policy is the most common piece of plastic. A plastic card that resembles a "credit card." It was this version of the policy that began to occur in Russia from recent times.

The map has information from both sides. Completely duplicates everything that is written on the policy of the old sample. Only now you can carry not paper that is easy to damage, but a compact and durable card. Very comfortably!

medical policy of a new sample

Usually cards differ in their design. Much depends on which company makes plastic. Most often there are black policies or painted in the colors of the Russian flag.

Information on the policy

Interested in a new sample medical policy? It is worth paying attention to what specific information is written on the plastic card. Not everyone understands this moment.

The policy card contains:

  • Name insured person;
  • information about the insured;
  • personal data of the insured person;
  • expiration date (mostly it does not exist);
  • floor;
  • signature example;
  • photo of the insured person (not on all cards);
  • number of the individual account of the citizen.

Accordingly, the information on the new policy is evenmore diverse than the old version of the document. In any case, some insurance companies. Therefore, it is not necessary to think about whether it is worth getting a new sample of a medical policy. Superfluous such a document will not be. You can store it together with bank cards.

Advantages and disadvantages

What are the pros and cons of the document being studied? After all, for something new sample medical policy was created! What for?

new sample medical policy

The thing is that such documentation wasintroduced in Russia to accelerate patient care. In fact, it's really convenient to use a plastic card. Among the advantages are:

  1. Durability. It is very difficult to spoil a plastic card.
  2. Mobility. Small document sizes facilitate convenient storage of a plastic card.
  3. The speed of patient care. Work with the new policy is really faster than with the old model.

But there are drawbacks. They are smaller, and they are not so significant. The disadvantages that a new type of health insurance policy has is that plastic cards are not yet accepted in all medical institutions. As already mentioned, the emergence of new policies occurred in Russia recently. And not all organizations can accept the document for further processing. The best option is to get both a paper policy and a new one.

Where to go

But only in what organizations is this document issued? This question interests many. It's easy enough to answer it. Modern citizens can apply to the following organizations:

  • multifunctional centers;
  • Insurance companies;
  • portal "State services".

Most often, the population turns to insurance companies. This is the fastest version of the development of events. But what documents can come in handy? How is the medical policy of a new sample drawn up?

get a medical certificate of a new sample


In fact, everything is extremely simple. But much depends on who is the recipient of the document. In practice, people who first make out the policy, get at once two of his options. But you can also get a medical policy of a new sample.

To do this, it is enough to apply to one of the previously listed bodies with a statement of the established pattern. Attached to it:

  • Identity card (passport);
  • SnilS.

That's all you need from an adult. If you have an old policy, you can bring it. But this is optional.

Children in order for them to have a new model of medical policy, they need:

  • a statement on behalf of the parents;
  • passport of the applicant parent;
  • SNILS child;
  • birth certificate;
  • Identity card of the child (for persons from 14 years old);
  • certificate of registration (desirable).

Nothing more is required. In fact, everything is not as difficult as it seems. By the way, foreign citizens can also get a policy card. This requires:

  • a statement in the prescribed form;
  • Identity card (foreign passport);
  • migration card or other proof of the legality of being in the country.

That's all. After a while, you can pick up the finished document. If there is no old-style policy, the citizen will be given a temporary one. It will allow you to receive medical assistance free of charge, but only up to a certain date.


Now it's clear what kind of pattern it hasmedical policy of a new sample. In fact, the use of this document is gaining popularity. The population notes that a plastic card is more convenient than a paper interpretation.

a new type of health insurance policy

In addition, now the turnover in Russia is introduced socalled PEC. This is a card that replaces many documents. For example, a passport or policy. Valid only 5 years, after which it must be replaced. It is usually manufactured in the MFC on application. This is also a unique example of a medical policy of a new type. But only PECs are not too in demand.

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