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"Profi Kredit": reviews about the company

Probably, there is no such person who would neverdid not face financial difficulties. Problems with money arise in all people and quite often. For many, a loan taken from the microfinance organization Profi Kredit becomes a life-saving circle. Reviews, conditions for providing money, nuances of registration - all this should be studied in advance for those people who plan to contact this company.

Acquaintance with the company

The microfinance organization appeared in Russia inJuly 2013. However, this date is not the date of the company's foundation. In fact, it has been functioning for a long time - more than 20 years. Since its inception, the organization has been part of the Profireal Group. This group operates in foreign countries such as Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, and several years ago it decided to present its services in the Russian microfinance and credit market.

During all the years of existence in Russiathe company developed, expanded its activities. In 2014, as evidenced by the testimonials, "Profi Kredit" in St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg) opened 2 offices. In 2015, the organization began its work in several other localities: Kolpino, Veliky Novgorod, Pskov, and Petrozavodsk. In 2016, the number of offices increased. Began to appear reviews about "Profi Kredit" in Samara, Tver, Togliatti, Arkhangelsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Saratov. Currently, the opening of offices does not stop. The company continues to strengthen its positions in the market of microfinance and lending.

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Proposed Products

The organization "Profi Kredit" offers its clients loans. This product in the company is represented by two types:

  1. PROFI Comfort. This type of loan offers customers money in the amount of 10 thousand to 50 or 80 thousand rubles. The term can be set from 3 to 12 months. The interest rate is determined individually and is from 0.45% per day.
  2. "PROS Together." This type of loan suits people who want to borrow a large sum of money for a long time. Judging by the responses, "Profi Kredit" provides customers with 20 thousand to 100 or 200 thousand rubles. The admissible period is from 18 to 36 months, and the interest rate is from 0.12% per day.

Example loan in "Profi Credit"

To understand the conditions for providing cashmeans in debt, we will consider an example of a loan. A person wants to use the PROFI Comfort product. Previously, he never took loans in the company, which means that the maximum allowable amount for him is 50 thousand rubles. Suppose that a person wants to issue a loan - 15 thousand rubles for 6 months. The total amount of payments on the loan will be 32 thousand 964 rubles. The monthly payment will be equal to 5 thousand 494 rubles.

For regular customers, the interest rate is lower. If they need to take the same amount for a similar period, the total amount of payments will be 28,774 rubles. The monthly payment will be equal to 4 thousand 794 rubles.

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Requirements for borrowers

The microfinance company Profi Kredit seeks toto help citizens of our country who need money. At the same time, it cares about the effectiveness of its activities and does not provide loans to incomprehensible individuals. It makes certain demands on borrowers. First, the age of clients can be no less than 26 and not more than 64 years.

Secondly, the borrower must reside in that city,in which there is an office of a microfinance company, as indicated in the reviews of "Profi Kredit" (in Nizhny Novgorod, for example). This condition is necessary because the client, when approving the application, is assigned a meeting with the organization manager for signing the documents.

Thirdly, the company cooperates only withsolvent borrowers. People who apply to Profi Kredit have a total of at least 12 months of work experience and at least 3 months at the current place of work. In some cases, you have to confirm your solvency. When making loans for more than 75 thousand rubles, clients provide a certificate of income in the form of 2-NDFL.

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Stages of the loan

As evidenced by the testimonials, in the "Profi Kredit" loan procedure consists of several stages:

  1. Filling the questionnaire with the name and surname, date of birth, telephone number, place of residence and registration.
  2. After the questionnaire is sent to the borrower, the company consultant calls back. He clarifies the necessary information by asking questions.
  3. After approval of the application, a meeting withconsultant. It will need to sign all the necessary documents, see the schedule for making payments. After registration of securities, the funds are transferred to a personal bank account.

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Return of the loan to Profi Kredit

A loan taken from a microfinance organization,is returned monthly in accordance with the payment schedule. To redeem, you can use one of two methods. The first way is the use of payment terminals "Eleksnet". No commission is charged. The only thing to keep in mind is that the deposited money is deposited into the company's account within 1 day. In order to avoid any arrears, it is recommended to send the payment in advance.

The second way to repay the loan is sendingbank transfer. You can do this in any branch of the bank or through an online bank. A fee is charged for the transfer. Its size is determined by the conditions of a particular bank. Also it is worth considering that the time for receipt of money can be several days.

If at the time of payment a complex financialthe situation and in the presence there was no money, that is, one way out. Customers who have issued a loan with a package of services can take advantage of a special option that freezes payment. Thanks to it, users are able to pay a loan later. Penalties in this period are not accrued. If the loan was issued without a package of services, then it can be connected at any convenient time for an additional fee.

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Positive feedback from customers

Many people leave positive comments about the company "Profi Kredit". Customers like the advantages that a microfinance organization has:

  • registration of a loan with a minimum of documents and formalities;
  • prompt consideration of the application - the period from the moment of sending personal information to the moment of receiving money does not exceed 24 hours;
  • low interest rates;
  • convenient payment terms - once a month;
  • the selection of the most convenient loan terms, relating to the amount and period;
  • the possibility of early repayment of the loan.

Many customers thank the company's employees. According to them, the consultants of the microfinance organization are always ready to explain the incomprehensible moments, help to select loan terms, if it is required, for example, to take some amount for a long term and with a small payment. Customers also thank the company for their trust. Many of them were denied loans in banks, and "Profi Kredit" approved a loan.

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Negative customer feedback on "Profi Kredit"

The "Profi Kredit", like any othermicrofinance organization, there are negative reviews. Often they are left by debtors. They complain about constant calls, on the company's demands to repay the debt. However, it should be noted that in such actions there is nothing supernatural. The microfinance organization simply wants to return the money that belongs to it. In the emergence of such situations, the borrowers are to blame, because they did not comply with the signed agreement.

In negative comments, customerscomplain of large overpayments. This is true, but this information is not hidden from people. Initially, customers know what they're on. They are given the opportunity to use the online calculator on the official website of the company, calculate with it a monthly payment, the total amount to be returned. The information on the amounts is also indicated in the contract, which when signed with the consultant is signed by each user of loans.

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"Profi Kredit": employee feedback about the company

To microfinance organization "Profi Credit"They apply not only for loans, but also for job placement. Employees who have worked here for several months or years respond positively to their place of work and invite new people to the team, attracting the company's advantages. Here is their list:

  • registration under the Labor Code of the Russian Federation;
  • payment of bonuses;
  • high profit payment.

Reference is made to the possibility of professional growth inreviews of "Profi Kredit". Employees in St. Petersburg and other Russian cities talk about this. For example, one of them in his review boasted of achievements. He said that at the beginning of his career he was an ordinary consultant in "Profi Kredit". Active work in the microfinance company and self-development allowed him to rise up the career ladder - to become a territorial manager in the collective of the organization.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that the microfinancethe company "Profi Kredit" in a difficult financial minute can really become a "wand-zashchalochko." And that no disputable situations and conflicts arise, it is necessary only to observe the rules of the signed contract, to use the service of freezing the loan in the absence of money for making a monthly payment. If from the very beginning there are doubts that the loan will be paid, then the company should not be contacted. In case of delinquencies, the amount may increase several times.

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