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The balance sheet is a kind of indicator of accounting

The balance of assets is
Accounting is important and compulsoryan event for each organization. One of its main functions is to make a balance. This allows not only to determine the possibilities of distribution of the enterprise's property, but also clearly illustrates its cost, and also allows to find out the amount of available debt, the volume of profit received as a result of the production and sale of production. It should be noted that such calculations can be performed for each period under consideration, since all data for this purpose are recorded in special accounting books and are described in detail in the reporting documentation.

Two components

The balance is traditionally presented in the form of twofundamental categories. It is important to designate the fact that numerically both these parts must necessarily be equal to each other. If this is not the case, it is advisable to consider two options: either during calculations and calculations, the accountant made a mistake, or there is a badly disguised so-called black accounting. In this case, the solution for the first situation can be considered a banal, but simple enough and prosaic thorough verification of calculations. In the event that there is a second situation, employees of all known state structures will tell what and how to do the unlucky bookkeeper.

Net assets in the balance sheet

The balance act is a kind of indicator of what,where and how the invested funds are directed. In turn, the second category (otherwise called liabilities) illustrates the processes through which the sources of financing of the organization are formed and distributed. Thus, in the general case, accounting consists of the following main items: the asset of the balance is the current and non-current assets; The liability is represented in the form of capital and its reserves and liabilities of all kinds. For a more accurate and complete understanding of this issue, you should familiarize yourself with each of these articles of financial transactions in more detail.

Valuation of asset balance
Non-current assets

As mentioned earlier, the valuation of the asset balanceis made on the basis of its two components. The group in question includes fixed assets, intangible assets, unfinished construction results and all kinds of long-term type liabilities. They are the most important for forecasting and planning processes, because they represent a kind of support for each organization.

Revolving Funds

It is important to remember that the asset of balance is alsocirculating assets. They traditionally consist of receivables, financial investments and stocks. It should be noted that in accounting calculations there is also a value called "net assets in the balance sheet". It is understood as a real valuation of all property owned by the enterprise.

Other articles

According to modern scientists, the balance asset isnot only the two above categories. It should also include items that are difficult to consider as property. For example, VAT and future expenses.

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