/ How can I not pay a loan to a bank?

How not to pay a loan to a bank?

None of the people, unfortunately, is immune today from the black strip in their lives, when all those nightmares that used to be only dreams, now become a harsh reality.

Suddenly cut in the workplace, hardsomeone from close relatives fell ill, the car got into a serious enough accident - such cases can be listed endlessly, however, knowing them, we still can not protect them.

Such situations are serious enough,but most of the citizens of our country have even worse situation, since many of them have already managed to make all kinds of credit obligations, which must be fulfilled, and do it regularly and in the required amount .

That is why many Russians today have a question about how not to pay a loan to the bank or to go out with at least minimal losses from the situation?

How not to pay a loan in a good way?

If you are wondering how to not paycredit, this is not the same as asking: "how to deceive a bank with a loan?". It is not necessary to give up your obligations, since this way is the most extreme and incredibly difficult.

There are many options fornegotiate with the bank in an amicable way, using peaceful ways. For example, you can ask yourself some delay. In fact, most intelligent people, getting into similar situations, initially resort to this method.

How not to pay a loan in a pinch?

There are, of course, extreme cases where the situationit is already so horrible that you have absolutely no credit to repay the loan, and the question of how not to pay the loan takes on a direct significance.

Immediately it is necessary to say that for complete forgivenessyou do not have to expect a loan from the bank - remember this. Even if during the trial the judge will be entirely on your side, you will still have to pay a certain amount to the bank. The maximum that you can count on as a borrower is some softening of the terms of its repayment, set earlier.

If you still decided not to give up, then today there are several methods, and methods of legislative that can help you.

The first is when the bank begins to spread aboutyour loan debt to your loved ones. For example, a bank can post different leaflets at the entrance or tell neighbors about how you are a "bad" payer. If your relatives or friends were not participants in your contract with the bank (that is, did not act as borrowers or guarantors), then disclosing the nuances of your contract to them is the most that there is no violation of Article 23 of the Constitution. We appeal to the prosecutor's office.

The second - hide quickly all movable property,and all the available real estate you instantly rewrite on people close to you, whom you can trust. In this case, you will simply be taken away some of the wages that will be used to repay the debt. It's also worth noting that if all kinds of bank employees or collection agency employees start telling you that they "will come and take all your property from you when you do not pay the debt", safely hang up the phone or close the door, for this they have no right to How the court will decide.

Third - contact a lawyer oranticollector, then submit to the bank in court. Even though you do not cancel your debt obligations, most likely, you will significantly reduce the amount of interest on your debt, and also soften the terms of its repayment.

Which of the ways to choose - decide on your owncurrent financial situation and assessment of the situation. It is possible that for efficiency it is necessary to use a combination of several methods or even simultaneously all at once.

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