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What will happen if banks do not pay loans, and is there a way out of this situation?

When a borrower gets into a complex financialposition, then one of the emerging issues: "What will happen if you do not pay loans to banks, what could be the consequences?" and so on. I want to say right away that it's unlikely to get rid of debts at all, but it's quite possible to reduce the amount of accrued interest and penalties. What for this it is necessary to undertake?

Where to begin?

what will happen if you do not pay loans to banks
Do not focus on the causesimpossibility to pay bills. This has already happened, it is much more important to begin to act and do step by step to improve the situation and our financial situation. If the deadline for non-payment is not yet so great, it is better to immediately try to contact the bank's security service and clarify the situation, ask for an opportunity to restructure the debt, freeze interest accrual and other possible activities. However, it happens that there is work, but there are so many loans that it is not enough to fully contribute money every month and stable. Debt begins to grow like a snowball and it remains to be wondered what will happen if banks do not pay loans. Nevertheless, I want to remain a normal person, get rid of this bondage and start living anew, without loans and debts.

Action Scheme

how can I not pay a loan
When the main question has ripened about what will be,if you do not pay loans to banks, then you need to sit down and calculate all your debt amounts for each bank separately. Collectors regularly call and send letters, so it's impossible to get confused exactly. In order to somehow maintain its moral and mental state, it is better to change the phone number, since the situation is unlikely to clear up from the threats of the collectors, but there will not be any money added. Further, all available property should be reissued to the next of kin so that the bailiffs can not take anything back. Do not bring the matter to the point when the court will decide to recover the entire amount of debt entirely. Otherwise, you have to pay all the debt, and even incur costs for legal costs. In this case, the inability to pay the loan is unlikely to be of interest to anyone.

What can a lawyer or anti-collector do?

inability to pay a loan
The lawyer and the anti-collector will be on the borrower's sidein any case, and they will not tell you how you can not pay a loan. Their main task is to reduce penalties and fines accrued by the bank. In some cases, if there is an opportunity to prove the exclusion of the limitation period or illegal actions of the bank itself, the debt can be written off completely. On the account of these specialists, a lot of the cases won, and they will tell exactly what will happen if banks do not pay loans, definitely, they will not kill anyone and they will not take away their health, and this is the most important thing. This issue is not accepted to advertise or tell at every step. Each situation is individual and there is always a way out of it. It is enough to assure the notary permission to the lawyer to represent the interests of the borrower in court and to unsubscribe from the letters of the collectors, then the laws and practice of lawyers come into play. The task of the borrower is to believe in his victory and never again fall into such a situation.

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