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Housing credit is a heavy burden or a great opportunity

The debate over whether to borrow a bank in order to buy a house or an apartment has been going on for a long time and probably will not end there.

Housing loan
Opponents of mortgages claim that this specieslending in Russia in its essence - slavery, which includes borrowers. The reason for this is excessively high interest rates and, as a consequence, the size of the monthly payment, tending to the total income of the entire family of the payer. Indeed, in Europe and the US they are several times lower.

Well, those who think to take a housing loan,perfectly aware of all the risks and complexities they will face, but consider it the only way to solve the housing problem. Indeed, one can afford to purchase real estate at own expense, for the rest of the population the question is different: spend your whole life hiding or paying "uncle" for rented housing in the hope that the situation somehow will resolve itself, or borrow money from bank and live in your home. If we consider the situation from this point of view, the idea of ​​getting a housing loan does not look so terrible anymore. Trite, but true: everything is known in comparison.

Sberbank housing loan
One of the first who started practicing suchkind of loans, became Sberbank. Housing loans can be obtained there under fairly good conditions. In addition to standard programs, there are special, for example - refinancing loans received earlier. The latter is in demand among those who received a mortgage housing loan a few years ago at a rate exceeding the mark of 20% per annum. Today, such figures seem incredible, but in the conditions of that time, other options were not suggested.

Under what conditions can get a housing loan

Sberbank, like other financial institutions,gives out money in debt, both on the security of available real estate, and the one that is acquired. Also, in the form of collateral, another property owned by the borrower can be considered.

Minimum interest rates are traditionallyoperate in foreign currency. In rubles, the most attractive conditions are offered to young families planning to take out a housing loan. So, in rubles it is necessary to pay from 10% a year, and the maximum term on which it is possible to borrow means, makes 30 years. This offer is valid for families in which the age of at least one of the spouses does not exceed 35 years. As for the down payment, its minimum size is only 10% of the value of the property being purchased.

housing loan

If we talk about borrowers whose age has crossedfor a thirty-five year boundary, the interest rate in rubles starts at 12%, depending on the type of loan, namely, on what property it is issued to. The size of the first installment varies from 10 to 15%. At the same time, as a rule, it is smaller in apartments, and more private houses are being built.

Traditionally loans for construction projectsreal estate borrowers are more expensive than ready-made housing. But at the moment there are special conditions in Sberbank, on which it is possible to get a loan for the purchase of an object that has not yet been handed over under the same conditions as for an object accepted by the state commission.

To receive or not receive a loan, the case is certainly individual. However, because of the steady growth in housing prices, you can save your whole life for the purchase of a house or apartment and never achieve your goal.

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