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The bank was revoked a license - how to pay a loan in this case

The banking sector of Russia is currentlyis going through a difficult period. According to the Deposit Insurance Agency, 243 credit institutions are currently in the process of liquidation. How should borrowers act if the bank has no longer a license to conduct banking operations? How to pay a loan to a bank with a revoked license? Do I need to repay borrowed funds?

the bank was revoked a license to pay a loan

Bankruptcy Procedure

If the CBR decides to revoke a license forbanking operations, the bank introduces external management. The bankruptcy procedure is managed by the Deposit Insurance Agency. After liquidation, all rights of claim for loans are transferred to another credit institution.

how to pay a loan to a bank with a revoked license

Do I have to pay

One of the first questions that manyarise when the bank was revoked a license: "Do I have to pay a loan?" The answer is unambiguous - you must pay. Even if the bank's license is canceled, and he himself is declared bankrupt, the borrower is obliged to repay the loan in accordance with the loan agreement and the payment schedule. The terms of the current loan agreement are not changed when transferred to another creditor.

the bank was revoked a license to pay a loan

Where to pay

If a bank has been revoked a license, how to paycredit, borrowers do not know, since all accounts in this bank have already been frozen. According to the current legislation, borrowers should be notified of new details for payment and that they withdrew the license from the bank. Where to pay the loan and other relevant information is also often placed near the entrance to the offices of a closed bank.

There are several options:

  1. The ideal option is to receive a notice ofliquidation of the bank, indicating the methods and details for payment of the loan. New payments for the loan are made on the basis of the received details. In the basis of payment, the number of the loan agreement and the bank that issued the loan must be indicated.
  2. You can do it yourself. For example, often the data on the successor bank is on the official website of the former creditor bank or in the section "Liquidation of banks" on the website of the Deposit Insurance Agency. If no notifications are received that the bank has been revoked, how to pay the loan is unknown, you can also request information from the temporary administration of the closed bank. To do this, send a registered letter, preferably with a notification, with a request to provide new details for repayment of loan debts.
  3. If the required data is not foundit was possible to pay a loan on the old requisites, of course, keeping all the payment documents. However, this option is not very desirable, since payment can go to the bank, but not be sent to repay the debt. It is very likely that in this case a new creditor bank will demand payment of the same payment again and will have to prove its case in court.
  4. You can place money for a loan on a notary deposit. The notary himself will have to inform the bank about the loan repayment. This service is provided by notaries for a fee.
  5. As a rule, in the first month after the transfer of the rightthe claims for loan debts to another credit institution are not subject to a penalty for delay. Therefore, if no notices of bankruptcy have yet been received, as an option, you can wait for information about new details. On the website of the Deposit Insurance Agency, the information should appear on the 10th day after the opening of the liquidation procedure.

revoked a license from a bank where to pay a loan

Differences for legal entities and IP

If a bank has been revoked a license, how to paycredit to a legal entity and an individual entrepreneur? The algorithm of actions for borrowers when revoking a license is the same for individuals as well as for organizations and individual entrepreneurs. Payments are transferred from the settlement account in any other bank for new details indicating the initial creditor bank and the loan agreement number.

the bank was revoked a license to pay a loan to a legal entity

How to change the creditor

When the creditor is replaced, an additionalagreement to the current loan agreement on the change of persons in the obligation. If the contract is secured by a pledge, the change of the pledge holder is also made out. It is very likely that the successor bank will require a renewal of the collateral insurance contract, since in the existing insurance policies the beneficiary specifies the initial creditor.

What to look for

If the borrower was in a situation where the bank was revoked a license, how to pay a loan and what else should one know in order not to get additional costs and other problems?

Sometimes, the successor bank proposes to signa loan agreement with modified terms or early repayment of all outstanding debts. Before signing a new contract, you need to carefully study the conditions and make sure that they will be more profitable. If the borrower has fulfilled his obligations under the loan agreement, he has the full right to refuse and continue to pay the payments according to the initial payment schedule.

It is necessary to keep all correspondence with the originala creditor bank and a successor bank, receipts for payment of all payments and other documents relating to the loan agreement until the loan is fully repaid.

When you receive information about cancellationlicense, it is advisable to apply to the bank and make sure that the latest payments have been received on account of loan repayment. It is best to ask for a certificate of absence of late payments.

Thus, if a bank is revoked a license,how to pay a loan, it is easy to understand. If you get the right information in a timely manner and take the necessary measures, in the future payment will be made, as before.

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