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Where to pay a loan to Probusinessbank, if a license is revoked?

Many borrowers naively believe that in the case ofrevocation of a license from a creditor bank they no longer owe to anyone. This assumption is erroneous, since it will still be necessary to return the money, however, to other financial organizations. This is exactly what happened with Probusinessbank, which had its license revoked. About where to pay a loan to Probusinessbank, as well as why you should not hesitate to pay it, we'll tell you further.

where to pay a loan for a probusiness bank

Brief history of Probusinessbank

Probusinessbank is one of the largest Russianbanks of the Russian Federation, which is part of the Financial Group Life. The time of its creation falls on the not so distant 1993. Since its opening, this financial institution has specialized exclusively in servicing and lending to private and corporate clients.

Probusinessbank: revoked the license, where to pay the loan?

Unexpectedly for all its customersProbusinessbank announced prolonged financial problems and possible bankruptcy. In August 2015, this information was confirmed by representatives of the Central Bank of Russia. At the same time, persons authorized by the regulator arrived at the bank building, where they conducted a global audit, following which the organization lost its license.

The official statement of the regulator referred tothat the reason for the revocation of the license from a lending institution was the conduct of a highly risky financial policy. According to preliminary data, it was associated with investing money savings in low-quality assets. As a result, the reserve cash reserve of the organization could not withstand the financial risks, and the bank was on the verge of bankruptcy. On how to pay the loan of Probusinessbank to those citizens who previously borrowed from him, we will tell further.

Problems with borrowed funds: what to do?

Bankruptcy of Probusinessbank became a realshock for individuals and other customers of a financial institution that had previously issued a loan. Many of them were simply confused, not knowing where to turn, to whom and what to do now with the payment of a loan. What to do in such situations?

First, when you deprive a bank of a license is not worth itTo panic. All financial issues will be solved sooner or later. Secondly, it is better not to choose the position of expectation. To clarify the situation on loans, you need to contact the competent authorities. Thus, information on banks that have been given the right to receive cash payments, including loans, are indicated on the official page of the Central Bank, the arbitration court and the Deposit Insurance Agency. In total, such data appears about 10-14 days after the license was revoked. That's what you need to do if you have any questions due to the fact that Probusinessbank is closed. Where to pay the loan?

In which banks to apply for repayment of a loan?

According to the report, which appeared onthe official page of the Deposit Insurance Agency on September 14, 2015, you can pay for the loans of the former Probusinessbank in all branches of the bank "Russian Capital".

So, if you do not know where to pay a loan to Probusinessbank, pay attention to the addresses of the branches of Bank Russian Capital, presented below.

probusinessbank revoked a license to pay a loan

09/23/2015 the website also received a message regarding PJSC "Transcapitalbank". According to this information, this bank was also allowed to accept credit and other payments from citizens who had previously issued loans in the bankrupt Probusinessbank.

For example, payment for a loan can be made in the"Armavir" (Krasnodar branch of TKB Bank PJSC), located in Armavir on Komsomolskaya street, 107. Do you still do not know where to pay the loan taken in Probusinessbank? Pay attention to the following branches of PJSC "Transcapitalbank" (TBC):

  • Novosibirsk branch of the public organization "Altai".
  • Voronezh branch of the public association "Belgorodsky".
  • Bryansk and Perm branches.
  • Ekaterinburg branch of DO "Severny" and others.

Probusinessbank where now to pay a loan

In what other banks can I pay a loan

If you have not decided yet where to pay a loan to Probusinessbank, pay attention to the branches of the following banks:

  • OJSC AIKB Tatfondbank.
  • PJSC Sovcombank.

Probusinessbank is closed where to pay a loan

Addresses of branches of the above branches of bankscan be found below. In addition, anyone wishing to pay their credit can apply to the cashier. She is in Moscow on Lesnoy Street, 59, p. 2. You can ask the questions about the cash desk on the hot line 8-800-200-08-05. Branches of Sovcombank are listed below.

where to pay a loan taken in a probusiness bank

Why not delay with the payment of a loan?

So, Probusinessbank is closed. Where now to pay the loan? This issue is of interest to many borrowers. He, too, often asks the provisional administration of a bankrupt bank. But only people engaged in solving absolutely other issues can answer you something like: "So far, no one knows anything. As soon as something clears up, we will get in touch. "

Hearing this, most borrowers with a calmsoul go home and expect a call from the bank. However, such an expectation can lead to a completely opposite effect. A typical situation looks like this. Suppose, the day before the license was revoked, the client issued an overdraft in the bank, then he was promised to provide details of the subsequent payment of the loan. That's just the message the borrower received only after a year and a half, and in the form of a claim indicating the amount of debt, penalties and fines accrued for the period of the delay.

That's why you should not wait for the weather at the sea. It is better to stay in the center of events, track all the news related to the closure of the bank and its future fate, as well as to receive information from official sources.

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