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Wine Protos: history, taste palette and features

Distillery Protos (Greek. "First") was one of the first in the territory of Spain. The production of this brand is proud to supply the wine market with the highest potential for aging, with a deep taste and rich aroma. Such alcohol takes a weighty place among the exhibits of private collections and remains a symbol of Spain's winemaking, embodying the beauty of this state. Made from blend of national variety, Protos wine is also exported. The cost of this drink is quite high. However, the buyer pays not for a brand, but for a long history and a traditional approach to production with a carefully verified formula.

History of brand development

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The distillery in Ribera district appeared in 1927efforts of several small owners of manufactories. Later, the company was called Bodegas Protos, which still retains. Most of the products in the line belong to a variety of red, dry wines. The products are certified and approved for delivery on the world market.

Alcohol under this brand is known for itsquality and is considered one of the representatives of the classic fruit taste of varieties from the Iberian Peninsula. One of the most significant achievements of the company - a gold medal at the World Wine Fair in 1929. Since that moment, the brand has been honored with high awards.

Blending grades

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The vast majority of the brand's product line"Protos" is made from a blend of one kind - Tempranillo, which is included in the top five "red" subspecies, recommended, including for the manufacture of port. The peculiarity of the variety is a high fortress, caused by strong tannins, which makes alcohol more saturated and "heavy".

Presto wine consists of 100% blend, originally fromSpain. Like its ancestor Pinot noir, Tempranillo is used for dry and semi-sweet drinks, with a strength above 14 degrees. Depending on the region, the taste palette of alcohol varies. However, fruit notes characteristic for blending remain unchanged. The older the wine, the more pronounced they are.

Ribera del Duero, from where they supply berries,differs classical climate of the Mediterranean with a large number of sunny days. The berries of this variety are fleshy, because of what the ripening occurs quite quickly. Wine is made according to an old recipe, which is still kept secret. In the line there are also other blends, including Merlo. However, the company emphasizes that it is dry red alcohol that is the dominant flagship of the brand.

Features of the drink and production

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The strength of Protos wines ranges from 14 to 15degrees. This indicator is due primarily to strong tannins in the composition of alcohol. The drink has a pronounced fruit taste, often plum and even pomegranate, leaving a strong aftertaste with notes of vanilla and sweets.

Withstand alcohol from 9 months to 4years. The oldest drink has an extremely rich red color with a violet hue, its taste palette has a wider range of wood and tobacco notes, and the aroma is saturated with the accent of toasted oak. Young wine Protos, in turn, gives the gourmet the opportunity to enjoy more vivid berry accents, including currants and strawberries. The drink also has the aroma of sweet spices, especially carnations.

In cooking, red wine Protos is used inAs accompaniment for fatty meat dishes. Alcohol of this brand is suitable and as an aperitif, which is served with cheese and fruits. Depending on the region from where the blend occurs for a particular batch, the aftertaste of the drink also varies. In general, brand alcohol refers to the category of wines with high premium strength.

Varieties of the drink

Reviews of the wine Protos Roble show that,that this alcohol is representative of the classic Spanish wines. This variety is supplied by the most extensive lots and serves as a kind of standard of production quality. On average, the cost of the bottle does not fall below 280-300 dollars. The drink passes fermentation at a stable temperature of 28 aboutC, because of what it gains a soft taste without a metallic accent. Dried alcohol in barrels of stained oak for 12-15 months or more.

Status has a price

wine protos ribera duero
The Protos Ribera Duero wine is a kind of tributetraditions, alcohol, made entirely according to the old recipe. It belongs to the category of the most expensive beverage brand, its value exceeds 500 dollars per bottle. Served such alcohol chilled to 17 aboutC, with cheese or fruit. Refers to beverages with a potential for exposure over 36 months.

Despite the conventional wisdom, Spanish winesnot inferior to the traditional representatives of Bordeaux appellation and fully comply with the standards of high quality of modern winemaking. The Protos brand is the visiting card of Spain and serves as an indicator of prestige among small companies that managed to achieve world fame.

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