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Recipe for Cooking Meatballs

In modern kitchens, meatballs mean a wideassortment of meat, fish, mushroom meatballs, as well as the use of various fillings and additives, they are all capable of hitting the most exquisite gourmets and satisfying demanding requests for food. But this variety will not surprise you today, many recipes describe how to prepare meatballs with gravy or exquisite sauce that not only change the taste qualities of such dishes, but give their appearance completely new, exciting appetite forms.

The main recipe for making meatballs involves the use of ground meat (pork or beef), fried in breadcrumbs or flour.

The meat is ground in a meat grinder and added,previously soaked in water or milk, loaf or white bread. To the received stuffing mix, cut into small cubes and fried, onions and eggs. Stuffing is well mixed, season with salt, add ground pepper or seasoning to meat dishes. Preliminarily, having rolled the meatballs into flour or biscuits, they are fried in a frying pan on both sides. To meatballs have become more juicy, recommend adding a little water to the pan (so that it only covers the bottom of the pan) and to extinguish under the lid in just a few minutes.

From half a kilogram of ground beef is obtained 7-8meatballs. To prepare forcemeat, a couple of eggs, a few slices of white bread (bread), a small onion, a couple of spoons of flour or biscuits, a pinch of salt and a little ground pepper

When it comes to meatballs, many recipecooking meatballs is associated with tomato sauce. Preparation of meatballs in tomato sauce is also popular in the Eastern kitchen. Minced meat is prepared in accordance with the main recipe, then the meatballs are made and thrown into the boiling broth for 15 minutes. To prepare the broth, several broth cubes are quite suitable. To prepare the sauce you need to fry a little flour on the oil, then add a couple of spoons of tomato and sour cream. Finished meatballs spread on a plate and poured with sauce, you can tear greens from above.

There are many varieties of meatballs for gourmets. The recipe for cooking meatballs with the addition of ginger is a very spicy dish and a very mouth-watering dish. To the ground meat should be added 2 tablespoons of vermouth or white wine, a little ground paprika, 10 grams of ground ginger, a pinch of salt. Mince carefully mix and shape the balls, then roll in flour and fry in boiling oil. Giving to the table, ginger meatballs pour ketchup.

In dietary nutrition, meatballs in mostcases are cooked for a couple. To the meat cut into the meat grinder, add the milk roll, eggs and salt, soaked in milk. The meatballs are cooked on the grill of a steam saucepan or (in the absence of the latter) in a conventional frying pan, adding a little water with the lid closed. When serving on the table, meatballs can be poured with butter or milk sauce.

Meatballs for a child are also desirable to cook onsteam, while the meat is thoroughly cleaned from fat and rough tendons and twice passed through a meat grinder. Very useful meatballs with cottage cheese for children. To add minced meat to a non-acidic cottage cheese, egg, salt, mix well and cook on a steam bath. If the child refuses to eat steam meatballs, you can fry them a little in the pan. Before serving, pour oil or sour cream sauce.

When the mushroom season begins, the recipecooking meatballs with mushrooms diversifies the menu with its originality and exquisite taste. Firstly, mushrooms are cooked, then finely chopped and fried in oil (you can add finely chopped onions). Minced meat is prepared according to the main recipe, it is well kneaded and cakes are made (like dumplings), a spoonful of minced meat is put in each cake and meatballs are formed. Then the meatballs should be rolled in flour (breadcrumbs) and fried in oil. Meatballs can be stuffed with cheese instead of mushrooms.

Now, I think you know how to cook meatballs with gravy.

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