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Salad with champignons and ham - a bunch of different recipes

What kind of holidays did not come up inLately! And the day of the kiss, and the holiday of the manifestation of kindness, and even the hot dog day someone notes. Of course, there are not enough forces to celebrate them, but there are also celebrations, specifically about you or someone from your family. Cover the festive table here may not be appropriate, but to prepare something tasty, for example a salad with champignons and ham is entirely within the power of any hostess. And you will be pleased with the home ones and you will write a new recipe yourself, it will be useful also for other holidays.

Salad with champignons and ham

Salad with champignons and ham "Forest Fairy Tale"

For a salad, take:

  • one chicken egg;
  • champignons 450 g;
  • butter from cow's milk 70 g;
  • ham 150 g;
  • ground black pepper;
  • lemon juice 1.5 tsp;
  • low-fat mayonnaise 80 g;
  • brown sugar (can be ordinary) 1chl .;
  • parsley fresh, dill.

Champignons need to be thoroughly washed and boiled inwater with the addition of salt. When the water boils, hold the mushrooms in it for 3 minutes, then drain the boiling water. Champignons chop thin plates. Melt the oil in a frying pan and fry the mushrooms until golden, let them cool.

Egg boil until steep yolk and cut, but not very finely.

Ham cut into small cubes, mix in a salad bowl with champignons and egg.

Pork chop with fresh dill finely chop.

Make the sauce from mayonnaise, lemon juice, sugar andsalt, ground pepper and stir with a salad. Salad with champignons and ham is ready, it can be served on the table as a garnish. But it can also be an independent dish, this salad is very satisfying.

Champignon salad with ham

If you want to cook something unusual and original, try the bean salad with champignons and ham. It is simple to prepare and very pleasant to the taste.

Mushroom salad with beans and meat "Festival"

For this salad you will need the following ingredients:

  • a can of red canned beans;
  • onions and carrots one piece each;
  • a bank of pickled mushrooms;
  • cheese hard salted 150 g;
  • one large ripe tomato;
  • a pair of cloves of garlic;
  • good meat ham 150 g;
  • fresh dill in salad and for decoration;
  • sunflower oil;
  • mayonnaise of medium fat content;
  • salt;
  • ground black pepper.

Mushrooms, fried on a large grated carrot and finelyChopped onion in vegetable oil until golden. Beans strain from the marinade and put in a salad bowl. Add to it tomatoes, chopped in medium pieces, finely chopped garlic and ham cubes. Champignons with carrots and onions, after cooling, mix with grated cheese and combine with the rest of the ingredients. Salt, pour in the pepper and mix well with mayonnaise. Your bean salad of champignons with ham is ready, it will complement your menu with any taste and will surely please both guests and owners.

There is a huge amount of salads with the addition of champignons. The most delicious are meat salads with these wonderful mushrooms. Here is one of these recipes - a salad of champignons and meat.

Mushroom and meat salad

Salad "Delicious"

  • calf meat 350 g;
  • champignons 350 g;
  • one large onion;
  • lemon juice 1,5 tbsp;
  • ground pepper, salt;
  • mustard with horseradish for refueling.

Meat boil until cooked in water with salt,cut into small pieces. Mushrooms, cut into small plates, put out in a skillet, combine with meat in a salad bowl. Add the onions, cut into small pieces, pour the lemon juice, sprinkle with salt and pepper. To fill the salad with mustard with horseradish (the ready mix is ​​already sold in stores), it's all mixed up, the salad is ready. Enjoy your appetite and happy holidays!

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