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"Temple Bar" on May Day: menu, photos and reviews

Good news for everyone dreaming of the presentEnglish pub is that now, in order to visit such an institution, it is not necessary to leave the capital. It is enough to visit the "Temple Bar" on Pervomaiskaya. Guests here will be pleased with a completely aristocratic interior, as well as perfectly cooked steaks and more than fifteen varieties of beer.

temp bar on May Day

Creating a pretty brutal interiorinstitutions the organizers tried to convey his main idea: "Temple Bar" on Pervomayskaya is a place for real men. And yet visitors think that it is unusually cozy here. Many come to the "Temple Bar" on Pervomayskaya with friends, loved ones and even with business partners.


The Temple Bar combines the features of the English steak house and pub. Three whales, on which the attractiveness and success of such establishments are based, is beer, meat and wine.

ul May Day


Interior of Temple Bar at Pervomayskaya(address: Pervomaiskaya St., 33) users describe as laconic and strict. It draws attention to the presence of leather sofas, furniture from dark wood and walls of red brick. Visitors note that the entire space of the restaurant is divided into comfort zones, resulting in, according to reviews of each company, it is very cozy. Home, warm furnishings are also provided by the availability of bookcases. Guests characterize the interior of the establishment as solid, decorated in calm colors.

In combination with an attentive and benevolentthe attitude of the waiters staying in the institution makes a great impression on visitors: many like getting to know old good traditions over which time is not powerful. To create a relaxed atmosphere of conversation, guests can order a hookah. The restaurant, as the regulars assure, is cozy and warm not only in the evenings, but also in the afternoon: on weekdays in the "Temple Bar" there is a proposal for business lunches (hot and salad is offered).

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  • European.
  • Mexican.
  • The Italian.
  • Russian.
  • Eastern.
  • English.
  • American.


According to reviews, the wine list in the "Temple Bar" (st. Pervomaiskaya, 33) pleases with a rich variety of drinks: it presents both noble wines of world famous producers and classic English beer. And also guests can order milk cocktails, which are distinguished by their delicious taste.

In the new wine list the institutions are representedFrench and Italian wines, as well as a wide range of products of the New World (Argentina, Chile), in which the guests note the presence of two undoubted advantages: delicate taste and attractive price. Some of the wine is sold for spilling.

"The Temple Bar" guests are called a great place forbeer lovers. In the good traditional atmosphere of an English pub, visitors can enjoy excellent varieties of intoxicating beverages. Here you can choose: strong English ale, traditional British "Oyster statute", Irish ale "Kefriss", light Irish "Harp", Belgian "Stella Artois" and "Hugarden". The attractive beer "Siberian Crown" - light, light, brewed at its own brewery in the pub "Temple Bar" on Pervomayskaya.


Guests are offered a varied snack: here and homemade wheat cookies with spices and cheese, and chips of Mexican cuisine with salsa sauce, as well as peanuts with almonds. You can also fully eat, ordering, for example, something from the classics: shrimps, fried in garlic oil, julienne from chicken nuts or pancakes with caviar.

temp bar on the May Day menu

"Temple Bar" on Pervomayskaya, as the guests note,connected on its territory west and east. According to reviews, the local choice of dishes impresses even the most sophisticated guests: the restaurant's kitchen provides visitors with the opportunity to enjoy the taste of Peking duck, burritos and quesadilla, traditional Italian pasta and even twisted fat with croutons.

Meat, cooked in the Temple Bar, is the firstturn of steaks from marble beef. Guests can order a standard or increased portion, and as an addition, specialty sauces are offered. Those who want to feel the taste of meat in the restaurant best, it is recommended to choose the medium's medium. Menu steaks each position, accompanied by recommendations of the most appropriate wine brand.

The menu of the institution is not limited tomeat dishes. Given the tastes and preferences of regulars, the Temple Bar menu is constantly expanding, supplemented with Italian dishes (salads, pasta, soups), as well as Russian, Mexican, etc. In general, the list of dishes is permanent, but various special offers that from time to time take up deserved places in the main menu.

For those who do not have enough time, it is possible to deliver food to the Ost. metro station "Pervomaiskaya" and "Izmaylovskaya". Visitors can also take food with them.

Things to do?

As reported by the "Temple Bar" on May Dayreviews, the restaurant is one of the best places where you can, together with like-minded people, watch sports broadcasts for a couple of glasses of a drink and a great snack, celebrate a big merry company with any significant event or hold a corporate celebration. Regular customers are serviced at a discount.

Helpful information

  • "Temple Bar" (Pervomayskaya St., 33) is located in the Eastern Administrative District, the nearest bus stop. the metro is Izmaylovskaya (located 604 m).
  • Free admission.
  • The institution is open: from 12:00 to 00:00.
  • Average account size: 2000 rub.

Activities are held

  • Children holidays.
  • Corporative.
  • Weddings.
  • Anniversaries.


  • Projector.
  • Plasma panels.
  • Sound settings.
  • Wi-Fi is available.

Services and facilities

  • Delivery.
  • Takeaway food.
  • Hookah.
  • Wardrobe.
  • VIP-hall.
  • Open (in the warm season) summer terrace.
  • Business lunch (average price: 300 - 350 rubles.)
  • We accept bank cards for payment.
  • The background music is playing (on Friday and Saturday).
  • Parking.
  • Breakfast.
  • For children there is a children's menu, animator services are available for a wine list.
  • Grill.
  • Draft beer and wine.

Impressions of guests

Regulars note the presence in the restaurant of goodsteaks, quality beer and professional service. Many with pleasure share pleasant impressions from acquaintance with tasty dishes of local cuisine, sincere atmosphere, attentiveness and the precaution of the personnel.

temp bar on May Day reviews

Some authors of the reviews like the convenient location of the restaurant - next to their house and not far from the traffic intersection.

Mostly visitors characterize the "Temple Bar" as an institution where food and service are provided at a high level. Prices guests consider acceptable and adequate.

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