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Cooking tomatoes without vinegar

All people almost without exception love tasty andfragrant tomatoes. They not only have a unique taste, but are still very useful. This vegetable contains a large percentage of the substance that helps fight cancer in its earliest stages. Eating tomatoes in any form (fresh or canned), a person prevents the development of cancer cells.

Why should I stop preserving with vinegar?

tomatoes without vinegar

Very tender are obtained tomatoes without vinegar,the use of which does not adversely affect the gastrointestinal tract. Thus, acetic acid sometimes results in abundant saliva and gastric juice. In addition, it irritates the kidneys and the liver.

In addition, the essence has specific contraindications: it can not be used by elderly people, those who suffer from a nervous system disorder have such diseases as gastritis and ulcers.

Now it is difficult to imagine that the mistress of thecanning products do not use vinegar. But scientists have pondered over how this substance affects the human body. It turns out that it is better not to use it for food. So, it's time to create recipes for canning vegetables for future use without adding vinegar. Now we will consider them.

Tomatoes without vinegar for the winter. Recipes

In this recipe, vinegar is replaced with citric acid. In the stock of the housewives there are many options how to prepare tomatoes for the winter without vinegar. These tomatoes are very delicious, with the aroma of summer seasoning vegetables. And most importantly, all useful substances remain in these preparations. So, let's look at the recipe itself.

tomatoes without vinegar for winter recipes

For preparation it will be required: 2.5 or even 3 kilograms of tomatoes, 5 cloves of garlic, 6 leaves of currant and cherry for smell, 7-8 pieces of peppercorn. Salts need 1.5 tablespoons, and sugar is taken in the amount of 2.5 tablespoons. Water needs as much as it enters.


All of the above will be required for fillingone three-liter jar. If the family prefers cans of small sizes, you can distribute all the ingredients to three liter jars. So, it's time to cook tomatoes for the winter without vinegar.

Tomatoes for the winter without vinegar

First, the cans and lids are sterilized. Then, tomatoes and garlic are cooked. Next, the green, garlic, tomato can be spread over the cans, pour boiling water to the top. Let the cans stand for about 20 minutes, covered with lids. If they are cold, the water should be poured into a saucepan and boiled again. Pour the cans again and leave again for 20 minutes. At this time, you should pour sugar and salt into an empty saucepan. Then you need to drain the water for the last time and prepare the brine. Bring it to a boil and immediately fill it with cans of tomatoes. The final chord will be the rolling of the cans with lids. Do not rush to try this stock immediately after preparation. Such tomatoes without vinegar are good, if longer will be infused. It is better to store a similar blank in a refrigerator or in a cellar. But there are times when the landlady can not provide such storage for her pickings. Then you just need to add a little bit of citric acid after the last pouring. In this case canned food can be stored even at plus temperature.

Another variant of preparation preservation

To give the owners a choice and an opportunity to experiment, it is worthwhile to offer one more simple recipe.

tomatoes in cans without vinegar

Ingredients: tomatoes (how much will fit into the storage tank), salt in the amount of two tablespoons and four tablespoons of sugar per liter of water.

You need large fruits, because usually they areremain unused during the preparation of other types of conservation. They should be cut into two pieces and folded into liter cans. Marinade is prepared as follows: salt, sugar and water bring to a boil. After cooking, do not immediately pour boiling water, you need to let the marinade cool down a bit. Then you should fill them with cans and cover them with covers.


And how to make salted tomatoes without vinegar for the winter? Now tell. For cooking, take peppercorns (3-4 pcs.), Cloves and horseradish root, dill umbrellas, garlic and onions. The brine is prepared from all that is already named, with the addition of water (1 liter) and citric acid. Then put the tomatoes in a bottle, then add the liquid. That's all, salted tomatoes in banks without vinegar are ready. Who loves more sharply, can add quite a bit of bitter pepper. Bon Appetit!

Tomatoes with apples and cherry leaves

This original version of tomatoes will appeal to those who prefer non-standard food. For preparation it is required for each three-liter jar:

  • two apples (medium in size);
  • cherry leaves (a couple of pieces will be enough);
  • dill - to taste;
  • tomatoes;
  • a small piece of bitter pepper.

salted tomatoes without vinegar

For a pickle, you will need (on a half liter of water) three tablespoons of sugar and the same amount of salt.


  1. First, take the jar, put dill, pepper, and cherry leaves there.
  2. Now apples are needed, they should be cut into quarters, while necessarily carving out heart-hearts. Pieces of fruit put in a jar.
  3. Top with tomatoes.
  4. After pour all the brine.
  5. Sterilize for ten minutes, roll up and turn over to cool the jars.

A small conclusion

Now you know how to prepare tomatoes without vinegar for the winter. Recipes of different options for the preparation of such conservation, we considered. We hope that you will be able to make such preparations at home.

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