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Simple ways how to cook zucchini in Korean

One of the most unpretentious vegetables grownat the cottage - this is a vegetable marrow. Almost always its harvest is high enough, even for beginners. And the dishes from it are tasty and easy to prepare. It is fried, stewed, boiled with other vegetables. The original taste of zucchini in Korean, which also can be harvested for the winter. There are a lot of options for their preparation, each of which is distinguished by its "zest". But in any case, it should be noted that this dish is a force even for a beginner mistress.

So, a salad of courgettes in Korean can becook in the following way. 2 kg of these vegetables are peeled off (young fruits can be left), crushed on a large grater (it is better to take a special, Korean). In the same way, 5 carrots of medium size are cut. Red Bulgarian pepper is cut into strips. Its quantity depends on the taste preferences of the cook. Garlic crushed garlic. All ingredients must be folded into prepared dishes, add spices (you can take a mixture to prepare Korean carrots or any other, to taste). Then everything is put in the refrigerator for several hours. After that, the vegetable mixture is laid out on sterilized jars, filled with marinade and rolled up with lids. For marinade, a glass of boiling water is added on a tablespoon of vinegar and vegetable oil, as much salt and sugar.

Courgettes in Korean can be made and the followingprescription. For this, a couple of pieces of this fruit are cut into thin slices. They are salted, peppered, crushed by the press and left for an hour. The bulb is peeled, cut into half rings and fried in a frying pan until slightly golden in color. With zucchini the liquid is drained, ready-made Korean carrots (100 grams) and ready onions are added to them. Also placed here on a tablespoon of olive oil, soy sauce, sugar and vinegar. To the other ingredients, crushed garlic is added. All is well mixed, covered with a lid and again put under the press. After an hour, courgettes in Korean can already be eaten. A good side dish to them can serve as boiled young potatoes. In addition, their taste is perfectly combined with many vegetables.

Quite an original way to cook zucchiniin Korean for the winter of dried fruits. To do this, you need to take zucchini medium maturity, peel them from the peel and remove the seeds. The remaining pulp is cut into thin long strips 2-3 cm thick. They are then dried on a tray or sieve, from time to time they must be turned over. After drying, they can be stored in a canvas bag for quite a long time, but it is better to choose a place cooler, but with low humidity. If necessary, several dried stripes are washed, rushes into salted boiling water, where it is boiled for 10-15 minutes. After that, they recline into a colander, left for a while to allow the glass water to be transferred to a pickling tank.

In a frying pan 3-4 spoons are heatedvegetable oil, after that it is poured into a container with zucchini. Here, put the same amount of vinegar and liquid in which dried vegetables were cooked. Sugar, spices and salt are added to taste, everything is mixed. If desired, you can put chopped garlic. The dish should be left to infuse for several hours, then fed to the table.

Courgettes in Korean can be prepared andthe next recipe. Several young zucchini are cut into thin rings, fried over a small fire and placed in a bowl. To them is put roasted onions, chopped garlic. Add a spoonful of vinegar and soy sauce, a pinch of salt and sugar (to taste). Cilantro and dill finely chopped, added to the rest of the ingredients. Everything is well mixed and infused for a while.

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