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Light salad from щавля

Salad from щавля - one of the most dietary dishesRussian cuisine. Especially good is this dish, if only young leaves are taken. You will be surprised at how gentle a salad can be. Strange as it may seem, for most owners the salad with sorrel will be a real discovery. Mostly this herb goes to soups. Children simply chew the leaves from the garden or fields. And for something more serious and ambitious fantasy is usually not enough. It is not necessary to eat salad from the dish as an independent dish, because first of all it is a delicious side dish for all kinds of meat. So, we present to you several recipes, according to which you can easily prepare a delicate and nutritious side dish.

A simple salad from щавля

salad dressing
For cooking, you need the followingIngredients: two hundred grams of fresh sorrel, two full tablespoons of light mayonnaise, slightly less tomato paste, a little dill, fragrant green onions, a pinch of sugar and salt.

Cooking method

As you probably guess, a salad of щаваляprepared very simply. First, thoroughly rinse the leaves of the young sorrel in cold water. Make sure all sand and blades of grass are gone. In order for the greens to dry out more quickly, you can get wet with a paper towel or a towel. Then it is necessary to cut finely and finely the sorrel.

Further actions

Dill should also be rinsed and chopped. Do the same procedure with a feather bow. Mix all the prepared greens in one deep container. To prepare the correct sauce, you need to mix two tablespoons of mayonnaise and tomato paste. This mixture should be peppered and salt to your taste. Some advise to add crushed garlic, but remember that garlic significantly changes the taste of the dish and muffles sorrel. It is necessary to mix the sauce perfectly, otherwise there will be clots of salt and sugar. Season with a spicy mixture of lettuce. The dish is ready!

Salad with sorrel and egg

salad with sorrel
And here is another original recipe. This dish is for those who love food more positively. First you need to boil a few hard-boiled eggs. Wash the green onion finely. Leaves sorrel also rinse and cut into thin, neat strips. Fresh cucumber (well, if you have it right from the garden), you need to cut it into cubes. Chop the boiled eggs. In one bowl, mix all the ingredients and season the salad with sunflower or olive oil. Do not forget to salt the dish, otherwise it will turn out to be too fresh. Salad is ready to serve!

Advice for beginners and a few words about the benefits of sorrel

salad with sorrel and egg
Do not pull until winter and frost, and then runin the shops in search of sorrel. This is a fairly rare product. Cook in the summer! The leaves of sorrel are rich in vitamins, useful for the human body. But only fresh leaves! Sorrel gets along well with vegetable oil. Together, they help fight various gum disease. However, if you do not like to dress salads with butter, you can use mayonnaise or mayonnaise sauce. But in this case the benefit of the dish is reduced. The most suitable option is olive oil. It does not have a sharp smell and an obsessive taste.

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