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Beet Salad: Decorate Everyday

Beetroot is a useful product, and in boiled form -excellent dainty, which is so fond of children. From this vegetable you can prepare many interesting salads. And since the beet grows practically in all areas of our homeland, the cost of such a dish will be very low, affordable for any family. Of course, it depends on the other ingredients of the chosen salad, but here, as already mentioned above, there is a wide range of options ...

Let's start with the simplest, known to most people - salad from beets with garlic. Its preparation does not take much time: the only thing in this process is a long time - cooking beets. However, this applies to any such dish. You can cook it in advance, for example, in the evening, or you can reserve it, so that next time you can not boil it, thank you, the boiled beet has been stored in the refrigerator for more than a week.

You will need beets, mayonnaise (or sour cream) andgarlic. Cooked beets must be grated on a shallow grater. Though it is possible and on large, on the fan. Believe me, this taste will not suffer. Then add the mayonnaise or sour cream to the beetroot salad. If your choice fell on mayonnaise, then you do not need to salt, if on sour cream, then, respectively, salt. Then add the garlic, previously crushed on garlic, or rubbed on a grater. In extreme cases - very finely chopped. With garlic you have to be more careful, the quantity in this case is a matter of taste, so add small by little, mix, try, and, if necessary, add more.

Salad turns out excellent. By the way, the variant with sour cream is original, and it is taste different from mayonnaise. Try both, you will not regret. There is another method of preparation - beet meringue with sour cream, but without salt and without mayonnaise.

There is another recipe, which, unlikemost, does not require beet cooking. In this there are two significant advantages: first, do not need to wait long, when it will be welded, and secondly, it will retain its useful properties. Nevertheless, a small heat treatment is still required: a beet salad in a completely raw form is unlikely to anyone like it. Beets need to be washed and cleaned, then rubbed on a coarse grater. Then it must be fried in a frying pan. What's important - fry on high fire, in small quantities and only a couple of minutes. Oils pour very little. Add salt after, to taste.

There is a more interesting and informative recipebeet salad. For its preparation you will need: 100 g of walnut, one beet - its size is determined by eye, you can take quite large. Another take one small head of onions and one clove of garlic, black pepper and greens, as well as vegetable oil, mayonnaise and about 50 g of raisins.

To make this beetroot salad,boil it, clean it and rub it on a large grater. Stir with the onion, previously scrolled through a meat grinder. The resulting mass is lightly fried in a pre-heated frying pan with butter. We put everything in a cup or salad bowl. It is necessary to allow the mixture to cool. Put raisins in warm water to make it swell, and nuts. They must be crushed and fried too. Then, nuts and raisins, which should already be swollen by that time, are added to beets. There we also send finely chopped garlic.

Now it remains only to mix allthe resulting mass with mayonnaise and add the pepper to taste. Garnish with greenery. Serve it to the table better in a clear salad bowl. You've got a great salad of beets with nuts.

As you can see, from such a simple and publicvegetables can be prepared several kinds of salads, and this is not all the possible options. After you try these dishes, you can go to new recipes, but there are quite a few of them. After all, good housewives are always ready for delicious creative experiments!

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