/ How is borsch refueling prepared for the winter by hot methods?

How is borsch refueling prepared for the winter by hot methods?

Want, preparing in the winter borsch, to spend less on ittime? For this, you can stock up fresh vegetables and herbs by closing the billets in the banks for the winter. Borsch refueling - one of such bright, colored salads. It will help to significantly reduce the work time. There are several ways to conserve vegetables for flavored soups. Borsch refueling can be prepared in a completely different way for the winter. Recipes given in this article can be changed by adding new ingredients or removing existing ones depending on taste preferences. Fantasize and try new options!

borsch refueling for the winter

Borsch refueling for the winter: required components

As far as this is concerned, perhaps the most important of allthe first course, then the composition of the blank should be appropriate. Therefore, for a bright red color of the future vegetable soup, you must necessarily include beetroot in the dressing. To it are added carrots, onions and peppers ("Bulgarian"). Also, the whole mass is poured with tomato puree before the heat treatment. If you choose a method of pickling that does not provide for heating, you can put in the dressing not only fresh Bulgarian pepper and all possible greens, but cabbage. But in this case, such a salad before being placed in boiling borsch is used or in small quantities, being an additive to a freshly prepared roast of fresh vegetables, or it requires washing and panning in a frying pan for several minutes. And how to get ready-made semi-finished products? Below are the recipes, as prepared borsch refueling for the winter in two ways. The composition of vegetables can not be changed, only the method of heat treatment varies.

Method one: borschovaya dressing for the winter in the form of a sterilized salad

blanks for winter


- 3 kg of fresh bright red beets;

- 1 kg of uncooked carrots;

- 1 kg of juicy ripe tomato;

- 1 kg of onion;

- 1 kg of bright, preferably multi-colored, sweet pepper;

- 3 tbsp. l. common table salt;

- 1 glass of raw (unrefined) sunflower oil;

- 1 full faceted glass of sugar;

- ½ cup of ordinary vinegar (diluted in 9% of the fortress).

borsch refueling for the winter recipes


  1. Wash all vegetables thoroughly by removing the remains of sandand the earth, and cleanse. Then, the beets, carrots grind on a large grater or cut with a sharp knife in the form of straw. Onion and pepper chop half rings, tomatoes - slices.
  2. Stir all the vegetables, adding the remaining ingredients.
  3. Spread the dressing over clean jars and put them to sterilize. For small (0.5, 0.7 liters) tanks will be enough 15-20 minutes. being in boiling water, 1 liter - half an hour.
  4. Immediately after removing from the hot water, jam the jars with covers, turn them over and, setting them upside down, wrap them until completely cooled. Store the refueling in a cool place.

Method two: borsch refueling for the winter by short digestion

The difference between this method is that the vegetable mass is notis laid out on jars for sterilization, and directly brewed on fire. After its boiling, note the time - 20-25 minutes. After that, spread the hot mixture over sterile jars and roll them. Bright vegetable assortment is ready!

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