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Tea with milk - harm and benefit at the same time

Such a drink, like tea with milk, is still considered exotic in our country,

tea with milk is harmful and useful
causing associations with the English tradition. His supporters are as much as the opponents: some believe that such a combination of components is harmful to the body, while others, on the contrary, attribute to it, along with a marvelous mild taste, a large number of useful and nutritious properties. Thus, tea with milk - harm and benefit at the same time. This drink, cooked correctly, perfectly satisfies hunger, tones up, invigorates in the mornings and warms on cold evenings.

Is it harmful?

Tea with milk - is it harmful? In fact, this myth is clearly exaggerated. Milk, when combined with tea, certainly changes its properties, but in no case reduces the amount of nutrients. Tea with milk has a mild effect on the gastric mucosa, without irritating it, and on the nervous system. Of course, black tea in the original variation contains a greater number of antioxidants and effectively removes the spasms of the vessels than the drink we are considering can not boast. However, for dietary nutrition, tea with milk is simply irreplaceable.

Is it useful?

tea with milk harm

Tea with milk: harm and benefit - what more? It is difficult to take any side in this matter without considering in detail the benefits of such a drink. Its assimilation by the body in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, physical and mental overstrain, with various kinds of infections, exhaustion of the nervous system, is much better than the separate black tea and milk. In addition, people who suffer from lactose deficiency and do not tolerate whole milk, with pleasure drink tea with milk. Gourmets like to drink this drink with apple, peach, apricot and blueberry jam.

How to cook properly?

Tea with milk, harm and benefit of which

tea with milk is good or bad
individually assessed, prepared byspecial technology. For this drink is recommended to use strong and tart varieties of tea, both black and green. The love of the British for tea and milk is explained by the fact that previously the main exporter of tea to England was India. The imported southern varieties of Indian tea, combined with milk, acquired a mild taste, and it was believed that they benefited from such a tandem. To make tea with
milk in English style, it is necessary to the bottomcups, pour 2 or 3 tablespoons of hot milk and add tea, brewed in the proportions: 40 grams per 1 liter of water. High-quality tea of ​​high quality when diluted with milk becomes orange. Tea with milk, the harm and benefit of which is still contested by gourmets, can be used to make an Indian drink, well known in our country, called "masala-tea." He is considered an ideal drink in the cold winter evenings. For its preparation, it is necessary to mix fat milk and water (in proportions of 1: 1), bring to a boil and dilute with a mixture of sugar and spices (they can be chosen to taste, standard: cardamom, ginger powder, cinnamon, cloves and sweet pepper). Next, black tea is brewed with this liquid. Tea with milk: benefit or harm - it's up to you!

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