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Compote of apricots - fragrant and tasty fruit canned food

Fruits in human nutrition occupy a special place. It is a unique product with a huge supply of vitamins. Among the fruit variety, apricots, due to the high content of trace elements and vitamins, stand in the first place. They are used in fresh, frozen, dried form. A preserved apricot compote has excellent taste qualities.

compote of apricots

You can prepare it for future use in several ways. To obtain a fragrant and rich drink, fruits with a stone are used for preservation. Prepare apricot compote by a way of blanching or sterilization.

Such conservation is prepared from dense,unfertic fruit. Carefully washed fruit is placed in pre-prepared three-liter cans. Pour into the jars of fruit, boiling water and cover them with lids. Within fifteen minutes, apricots get warm well. Then, the water from the cans is gently poured into a container, brought to a boil and again filled with fruit for another fifteen minutes. After double filling with hot water, the fruits are well warmed up and ready for the last stage of conservation. The liquid from the cans is poured into a saucepan and sugar is added to it. Filled syrup is filled with heated cans and rolled them with boiled lids. A ready compote of apricots is left until completely cooled. Banks pre-turn upside down.

Apricot stewed fruit

In order for the billet to have a more concentratedfruit taste, sugar syrup is better to cook from the water, which warmed the fruit. Compote of apricot with a capacity of three liters is prepared from a half kilogram of fruit, 300 grams of sugar and 1.5 liters of water.

The method of sterilization is considered more reliable whenpreparation of fruit compotes. Ingredients for him are the same as in the first case. A compote made of apricots, cooked in this way, is perfectly stored at home.

It differs from the first method in that it is readysugar syrup pour fruit without pre-heating them. Banks with fruits filled with liquid are covered with boiled lids and carefully placed in a container for sterilization. The water in the tank should be heated to eighty-ninety degrees. Three-liter cans should be held in hot water for about thirty minutes. After sterilization the ready compotes are rolled up with lids. Turning upside down, the cans are left until completely cooled.

apricot compote

Apricot preparations can be prepared by removingfrom the fruit of the stone. Ways of making such compote are the same as with bones. Fruits are carefully sorted and washed. Remove the stone and lay the halves in the jar. The difference between these blanks for future use is that cooked compotes with fruits without bone removal should be consumed within a year. A compote of half of the fruit are considered to be blanks for a longer period of storage.

A compote from apricots is a conservation that perfectly diversifies the menu in the winter. If you roll the cans correctly, then the fruit can be used as a filling for pies and cakes.

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