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National cuisine as a reflection of the mentality

World cooking is simply hugenumber of recipes for different dishes. Many of them are prepared practically in every country of the world, but there are some of them that can be referred to the section "national cuisine". They were invented in a particular country or in one nationality, and for years were brought to perfection. At the same time, almost any housewife knows the recipes of her national dishes by heart and believes that she prepares them best.

National cuisine

Considering the recipes of such dishes, it immediately becomesIt is clear that the national cuisine shows not only the gastronomic preferences of this or that people, but also character, temperament and mentality. Many recipes of this cuisine are based folk sayings, national holidays and even some religious rituals.

There is a certain way of cooking ora certain ingredient, which is the key in such dishes. It is for him that the national cuisine of a particular country is different. For example, talking about meat cooked on a brazier, one immediately remembers the Caucasian cuisine, and when the conversation about a borscht comes, we immediately remember Ukraine. Spanish and Mexican dishes excessively flaunt the taste, and rice is abundantly used in China.

national cuisine spain

It should be noted that such a concept asnational cuisine, can not be tied to one country, although there are such recipes that are peculiar to a particular locality, but still this cuisine unites the recipes of several countries that can be described as one nationality.

For example, the national cuisine of Spain can becomparable to most dishes of Latin America and even Mexico. In each country there are unique recipes. As well as the Caucasian cuisine includes dishes of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Many national dishes are so steelpopular in other countries, that they already began to be considered national, changed their name and even part of the recipe. For example, a cutlet in Kiev, about which the French are still arguing with the Ukrainians.

national cuisine germany

Basically, such culinary traditions developdue to the locality of this or that people, its financial well-being and climatic conditions. This is well traced when considering the national cuisine of Germany, Russia, Japan and China. Recipes of dishes there contain exactly those ingredients that are easiest to get in this region, and the way of cooking best suits the way of life of people to this country. Also due to the different climate there are recipes, which mean the procurement of products for future use.

Many archaeologists and historians argue thatnational cuisine is one of the characteristic features of the nation. It can be used to judge the way of life of ancestors, study the way of life of antiquity and even find answers to some vague questions in history. Also recommend those wishing to study the nature of a particular people or nation to start from the kitchen, as from the foundation and the beginning of the formation of cultural values.

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