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Cupcakes with apples: a recipe for a delicious dessert

Cupcakes with apples, the recipe of which is described in thisarticle, turn out lush, soft and very tasty. To prepare this dessert you need a small amount of food and free time. That is why this sweet dish is very popular with those who do not like to stay at the stove for a long time.

Cupcakes with apples: a recipe for a tasty and simple dessert
muffins with apples recipe

Necessary ingredients:

  • sand sugar - glass;
  • large and sweet apples (red or green) - 2 pcs .;
  • eggs of medium chicken - 4 pcs .;
  • creamy fresh oil - 215 g;
  • fatty milk - 110 ml;
  • white wheat flour - 110 g;
  • curd wet coarse-grained - 1 glass;
  • soda dinning and vinegar for quenching - 1 dessert spoon;
  • pitted raisin brown or black - 100 g;
  • powdered sugar - for decoration.

Preparation of the dough

Cupcake with apples, the recipe of whichrather simple, you should start doing with the kneading of the base. To do this, it is required to whip the eggs of chicken and dissolve the sugar in them. Further to the ingredients, it is necessary to lay a wet coarse-grained cottage cheese, softened butter and pour in fatty milk. Mixing all the ingredients, they should be added with wheat flour and safflower baking soda. As a result of such actions, you should get the dough consistency for both pancakes.

fruit cake with apples

Dry fruit processing

To muffins with apples, the recipe of whichprovides for the use of inexpensive components, turned out to be more sweet and tasty, they should necessarily add an ingredient such as brown or black raisins without pits. It must be sorted, put in a bowl and pour steep boiling water. In this condition, the dried fruit is recommended to stand for 30 minutes. During this time, the ingredient will not only soften, but also lose all the existing dirt. Next, raisins should be rinsed in water and poured into a previously mixed test.

Fruit Processing

Cupcakes with apples, the recipe of which weconsider, it is desirable to cook using sweet red fruit. They need to be washed, remove the entire seed box and skin, and then cut into slices as thin as 3 millimeters.

Formation of dessert

Cupcake with raisins and apples formed very easilyand just. To do this, take a special shape (preferably with a ribbed surface), heat it up, lubricate it with oil, and then lay out ½ part of the base. Next on the dough you need to place fresh fruit and pour the flour mass again.

Heat treatment of dessert
cake with raisins and apples

Formed cake with apples followskeep in the oven for no more than one hour. This time is enough for the dough to be completely roasted and properly browned. Next, the sweet pie must be removed from the mold, turning it over the surface of a large flat plate, and wait until it cools completely.

How to serve dessert to the table correctly

If desired, the finished cupcake can be sprinkled with powder or covered with chocolate glaze. He is invited to breakfast, lunch or snack together with strong tea, cocoa or hot coffee. Bon Appetit!

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