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Pancakes with meat recipe

Pancakes, as you know, baked even in ancient Egypt,and since then this idle dish has won the sympathy of people all over the world. Dough for them is done on water, milk, whey, use wheat or rye flour and even oat flakes. Eat them in their pure form - with butter, but more often they are used as a basis for filling. For dessert sweet cottage cheese, fruit mass, and as the basic dish cabbage, a brynza and other are suitable. Consider how to make pancakes with meat. The recipe for their preparation is very simple, even a novice cook will master it.

We will need the usual basic products, no exotic: 3 eggs, a liter of milk, flour, sugar and salt. This is for the test. And for the filling you can, so as not to mess with the meat grinder, buy a ready-made headlight

pancakes with meat recipe
w (pork or beef, but better mixed). Still need to have at hand butter and vegetable oil, three onions and seasonings (at least black ground pepper). Before you cook pancakes with meat, sift half a cup of flour through a sieve. This simple operation will allow us to knead the dough without the lumps.

First bring to the head stuffing. Cut the bulbs, fry until golden brown, mix with meat, salt and add spices. Now we start the dough: beat the eggs and add a glass of milk, 3 tablespoons of sugar, salt to taste. Slowly, in small portions, add flour, mix, add another glass of milk, then again flour, and again milk - the third glass. The mass should be a liquid, the consistency of diluted sour cream. In the end, add three tablespoons of vegetable oil. Now we start to fry our pancakes with meat. The recipe is simple: brown on both sides, we put a little oil on the finished product, stuffing it and wrapping it with an envelope.

As an economical option, you can

pancakes with rice and meat
Prepare pancakes with rice and meat. To do this, pre-cook the rice and mix it with minced meat, onions, spices. In this case, black pepper can be replaced with curry, saffron, add a little greens - the same beet, marjoram or parsley. But if pancakes with meat stuffing can be eaten cold - with sour cream, then with meat-rice minced meat it is better to use it in a hot form. And the sauce for this dish is desirable to serve another: mushroom or creamy, with black pepper.

There are mistresses who do not recognize the purchase of minced meat. They prefer to buy a veal shank without a bone or

how to cook pancakes with meat
a lesson. If they boil, then we get the first (soup or soup base), and the second. Cooked beef or chicken (and also it is possible turkey, veal, low-fat pork and even roasted liver) is scrolled through a meat grinder, well, in the usual way we make pancakes with meat. The recipe, as they say, is simpler than a parrot turnip.

But you can put on dough and raw forcemeat. Culinary experts say that it is so delicious. Such pancakes with meat recipe prescribes frying from one side to half cooked. The filling is put on a well-toasty side. Products are rolled up with a roll and stacked in a pan or baking tray with a pale side. We cook them on a very small fire or in the oven. When the stuffing is ready, pound the pancakes with grated cheese and put another two minutes in the oven for browning.

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