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How to cook pancakes for winter

The middle of summer and the beginning of autumn are the mostconvenient time for cooking house preparations for the winter. One of the most common products for this is Bulgarian pepper. It contains a large number of different vitamins, it has a relatively small price, and its use is necessary in a variety of different dishes. This is what makes billets from pepper practically the first.

Billets from pepper

The development of modern technology, namely the emergencefreezing chambers with dry freezing allowed many housewives to save almost all vitamins and useful elements in harvested vegetables and fruits. This is especially true for the Bulgarian pepper, which not only tolerates frost, but it can also comfortably fit in the refrigerator. To do this, you need to wash the pepper, cut out the core with the seeds, and then insert each pepper into the resulting hole. Thus, the billets from the pepper will occupy little space in the freezer. After that, it can be distributed on plastic bags in the required quantity at once and placed in a freezer with a dry frost.

Billets from pepper for the winter

Other types of billets from Bulgarian peppersuggest its conservation. In this case, it is marinated in a special brine of 0.5 liters of vinegar, 1 cup of sugar and three tablespoons of salt. To taste, usually add a variety of spices, among which must be garlic, bay leaf and bell pepper. This recipe assumes the production of ordinary pickled peppers, which can be eaten immediately. However, in this state it can not be used for all recipes. That is why most cooks recommend immediately preparing whole dishes from Bulgarian pepper.

Many blanks of pepper for the winter representready meals, which can be eaten immediately when you open the can. Among them you can find such common recipes as lecho, Ukrainian salad, lazy peppers, etc. However, most housewives also prefer to conserve pepper along with other vegetables. Such blanks of pepper are a kind of assorted. It is prepared according to the recipe of other vegetables, and pepper is added for taste, but it can also be used separately after extraction from the can.

Billets from Bulgarian pepper

One of the most popular procurement recipespepper is to use it as a shell for other vegetables. In this way, separately pickled vegetables and whole pickled peppers are obtained, which can be used to prepare various dishes and even fry in a frying pan. If the pepper is stuffed with vegetable minced meat, then it in itself already represents a good dish and can be served in this form to the table. In some cases, it is recommended to remove the skin from it.

Billets for the winter is never a lot. It is always pleasant to open a jar of delicious salad from Bulgarian pepper on cold winter days or to unfreeze it for cooking. Such blanks have an amazing taste and at the same time, due to some properties of pepper, they retain most of the vitamins.

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