/ Is liquid honey better than thick? Why honey remains liquid and does not thicken

Liquid honey is better than thick? Why honey remains liquid and does not thicken

What consistency and what color should bea natural product, why honey is liquid or too thick and how to distinguish a real product from a fake? A beginner, and people who are not engaged in beekeeping professionally, it is not so easy to understand these issues. In addition, it is increasingly possible to encounter fraudsters who instead of this valuable product offer falsification. Let's try to find out what kind of honey is liquid and it remains so for a long time. So, let's get started.

liquid honey

Something about honey

Natural honey is a product with exceptionaltaste and nutritional qualities. This is a fairly high-calorie product (about 328 kcal), its composition is close to the blood plasma. 200 g of honey for nutritional value are equivalent to 480 g of fish oil. Honey improves metabolism, increases digestion, stimulates appetite, increases hemoglobin. Helps with cardiovascular diseases, as well as liver and stomach. This product contains folic acid, which favorably affects the growth and development of children. It is even called the elixir of youth. It should pay attention to the fact that one liter of mature honey should contain 1.4 kilograms.

When to buy?

It is best to buy honey in summer or in autumn. It is during this period that the worker bees begin their work, which will continue until the last days. At this time, fresh liquid honey is obtained, so it is collected from bee honeycombs. After the time has elapsed, the moisture evaporates and it begins to thicken.

What influences the choice?

Let us consider in more detail the quality of a natural product. This will help you make the right choice.

why honey is liquid


It is the first signquality product. The mass must necessarily be homogeneous, no stratification and precipitation is allowed. The consistency of the product directly depends on the time of year, air temperature. In the summer, when it starts to swing, honey is liquid, closer to the winter, the consistency becomes thicker. Usually, with the onset of cold weather, the process of crystallization of honey begins, it becomes thicker, lighter and more turbid. The exception is acacia honey, it crystallizes much later. Natural honey in the winter can not have a liquid consistency. If honey of a liquid consistency in the winter, it means that it was heated on a plate or bees were fed with sugar.


The following method is used for checking onlyyoung liquid honey: it is necessary to scoop it up with a spoon in a jar and lift it up, the natural one drags on very long and flows down a continuous stream. If you put it on a plate, it lies down a hill, and then spreads over the surface. You can take a spoonful of nectar and twist it around its axis, a high-quality product will be wound on it, and immature honey will drain immediately. If you take a little honey and rub it between your fingers, the natural will immediately absorb, and the fake will turn into a lump.


The taste of this honey is not only sweet, it also needs a bit of bitterness, causing a slight sore throat and tart taste.

very liquid honey


Natural honey has a pleasant unobtrusive smell of flowers. A counterfeit product either does not have any flavor at all, or it can be sharp, give away caramel.


The color of the finished product directly depends on the fact,from which honey bee they collected nectar. Lime honey - amber, buckwheat - brown, and floral has a light tint. White color indicates that the bees were fed sugar.

How to make honey liquid?

Make honey liquid is not difficult, for thisit is possible to melt the crystallized product. However, it should be remembered that when heated above 40 ° C, all useful substances disappear from it, which is not so terrible. When melting this product, a substance - hydroxymethylfurfural - is formed, which is a real poison. You can warm up honey in three ways:

  1. The most popular way is to heat honey on a water bath (in water up to 40 ° C).
  2. Leave honey in a room with a sufficiently high temperature (for example, in a bath).
  3. And in the last place you should consider melting on the stove, do not forget about the content of the poison.

Why is honey liquid?

The answer is simple - fresh, freshpumped honey contains about 22 percent of water. After a while, the liquid evaporates, and the crystallization process begins. The consistency of the product can be different, it depends on the grade and temperature of storage.

what honey is liquid

Which honey is better - thick or thin?

Fans of honey often wonder whathoney is better and more useful - thick or thin? The answer is simple: crystallization does not compromise the quality of honey. If the mass is homogeneous with sugar crystals - this is considered the norm of such a product. The benefits of honey depend on the honeycombs it is harvested from.

Immature honey

Sometimes the acquired honey has a liquid consistencystratification is observed, the thick fraction settles on the bottom, while the liquid fraction rises upward, the sugar crystals are absent. This means that the product purchased - immature, most likely the temperature regime was disturbed, as a result of which honey has a high humidity. Therefore, very important is the exposure of honey. A poor-quality product may soon become fuzzy and ferment.


Among the natural varieties of honey are those that are candied later than others. This must be taken into account when buying.


This honey is the earliest, it is being pumped out inthe first month of summer. For him, bees collect pollen from the earliest honey-plants: cherry, apple, cherry, lily of the valley. He is considered one of the most valuable varieties of natural honey. This variety contains a lot of fructose. It is known that often sell fake honey of May, as it is very similar to the product developed after feeding the bees with sugar syrup. It is better to buy such honey in the fall, when it will stand well.


White honey has a unique aroma andtaste. It contains 40% fructose and 35% glucose, and due to this, and thanks to the moisture contained in it, the product does not crystallize within 1-2 years. Acacia honey is very liquid, as it has just been pumped out, and retains this consistency long enough.

how to make honey liquid


This chestnut honey is dark and veryviscous consistency. The process of its crystallization takes from six months to a year, but even in this form it has an excellent taste. Crystals of hardened honey are similar to granules of gelatin. With long-term storage, its structure becomes more coarse-grained. This variety has the ability to exfoliate, but this does not mean that it is not real, but considered to be its special quality.


This is another honey of white color, just likeacacia, is preserved in liquid form - from 1.5 to 3 months. Lime honey - viscous consistency. When crystallized, it becomes like a semolina porridge with lumps.


A sort of dark shade, with an orangeand brown. Contains a huge amount of minerals. Honey has a fairly tart taste with bitterness. When you eat it, you may feel a little sore in your throat. Very quickly crystallizes, so you need to store it correctly. It is recommended to use to raise the immunity.

fresh honey liquid

How to store correctly?

It is necessary to choose the right dishes for storagehoney. For this purpose, you can use glass, ceramic, wooden, metal containers. In the room intended for storage of the product, the temperature can be from +6 to +20 degrees, but at room temperature - the crystallization process will begin much earlier. If the refrigerator has a function of dry freezing, honey can be stored in it. This product has the ability to absorb odors, so it is recommended to store it separately. It should not be put in a bright place, from the light in it antimicrobial properties are destroyed. During storage, liquid honey becomes turbid, darkens, becomes thicker - this is a completely normal stage of its maturation.

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