/ Ice cream. Harm and benefit of your favorite treat

Ice cream. Harm and benefit of your favorite treat

In the hot season almost every day people eatice cream. Yes, what to say, even in winter you want to eat your favorite dessert. Especially the children know the value of sweets, and every mom wants her baby to eat only the freshest and healthy foods. Therefore, very often parents are interested in the question of whether children can get ice cream. The harm and benefit of it are studied very closely. And, as in any sphere, people have different views on this matter. Some argue that delicacy is absolutely harmless and even beneficial, while others are sure that it negatively affects human health. But there are those who believe that ice cream simultaneously both positively and negatively affects everyone.

ice cream harm and benefit

So what's really holding up ice cream,the harm and benefit of which will be discussed further? It is worth noting that the favorite delicacy appeared in the world even before our era. Most of all it was popular in China, and served a dessert in the form of frozen juices. Unfortunately, after several millennia, all the recipes for ice cream have disappeared. And only in the 18th century all the sweethearts could again enjoy a cold delicacy. Often, ice cream (the harm and benefit of dessert is still being discussed by dozens of scientists and researchers) was made from cottage cheese, adding honey, raisins, sour cream and other ingredients.

So, let's start with the pluses of your favorite sweets. Of course, the benefit of ice cream lies in its composition. It contains various amino acids, mineral salts, nutrients that, among other things, play a big role in the full metabolism, as well as vitamins, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and iron. Scientists have conducted a number of studies and found that the use of ice cream is that it increases the amount of the hormone of happiness in the body, and consequently raises the mood, eliminates the stresses and helps improve memory. A treat made on the basis of yoghurt is especially useful. It improves the work of the gastrointestinal tract and retains its properties long enough.

the benefits of ice cream

But it should be noted that some scientistsbelieve that the damage to ice cream is much stronger than its usefulness. One of the brightest drawbacks is the high caloric content of the product. In addition, if a person has chronic gastritis or peptic ulcer, he is strongly advised not to use cold ice cream. Sweetness is also harmful to diabetics. Doctors do not recommend buying products containing many fruit essences and additives, for example strawberry, lemon ice cream. Studies have shown that everyone's favorite sweetness can cause a headache. This is due to the fact that if you eat a portion of dessert, the body temperature quickly decreases, the vessels narrow and, consequently, the blood flow in the brain is disturbed.

damage to ice cream

Having considered the exciting question of what isice cream, the harm and benefit of which are interesting to many, we can conclude. Favorite sweetness can be unsafe for the health of some people, but for others, on the contrary, it is very useful. This, as always, depends on the human body and the quality of the dessert. And, of course, on the amount of eaten delicacies, because immodesty is always bad.

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