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Pear compote for the winter: several recipes

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Recipes of homemade canned compotes frompears in many ways similar to apple pears. The main difference is that the heat treatment takes a little longer, since the density of these fruits is higher. In addition, almost always before peeling with pears cut peel. And the amount of sugar used depends on the taste preferences and the degree of fruit acid. In this article, various recipes for pear compote for the winter are suggested. They differ from each other both in composition and in technology of preparation.

How to cook pear compote without sterilization?

To make the fruit slices sufficiently warm, theirIt is necessary to boil in boiling syrup for a while or to double pour hot liquid. Some landladies still, for reliability, then put the pear compote sterilized literally for 5-7 minutes. We offer you a method of heat treatment, which uses both cooking and pouring fruit, but without additional boiling of the jars.

1.5 kg of fruit, peel and fold into5-liter saucepan. Pour 3 liters of raw cold water, bring to a boil and, reducing the heat to a weak, cook for 10-15 minutes. Make sure that the softened fruits do not boil too much. Transfer the pears into clean (sterile) jars, and pour 1 full glass of sugar and 1 incomplete tea into the solution. citric acid. Pour the boiled fruit with boiling syrup and cover with lids.

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Pear compote: recipe with cherries

For a bright shade of the drink you can use both cherries and other berries, giving the hot liquids color shades, - black currant, raspberry and even, for example, pomegranate.

3 kg ripe, but dense in the consistency of pears, notpeeling, cut in half and remove the inside with seeds. If the fruits are very large, you can divide them into quarters. Fresh, not watery cherries (about 1.3 kg), free from bones. Place the fruit and berries on the cans, evenly distributing and filling the containers with half the volume. Fill the jars with boiling water and leave, wrapped, for 30 minutes. Then pour it back into the pan. Prepare syrup from the calculation: 3 parts of water and 1 part of sugar. With a boiling sweet liquid, pour the fruit into the jars and immediately roll them down. For better sealing, turn the compote upside down and warm it well. After complete cooling (after 1-2 days - depending on the volume of the cans), store it in a cool place.

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How to cook a pear with honey syrup?

This drink can be called dessert or sweet sauce, because it is very saturated and concentrated. Serve the honey mixture with hot pancakes or fritters.

Prepare the fruit by carefully peeling the skin. Minor use the whole, large divide into two parts. Dip the prepared pears into boiling water with citric acid (for 1 liter of 1 tbsp.) For 3-5 minutes, then pour into a colander. After the liquid drains, put them (without letting it cool down) in sterile jars to the brim and fill to the same level with a syrup cooked from 1 liter of water and honey of any sort with a volume of about 1 cup. Prepared cans should be sterilized by placing them in a pot of water. For liter cans need 15 minutes. Roll the pear compote and put it in the cellar or cellar.

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