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Adyghe cheese: caloric content per 100 grams, composition, useful properties and contraindications. Recipe for cooking at home

Caucasian pickle cheeses are extremely lovedconsumers. And this is not accidental, because they are very tasty and useful. In addition, their dignity is rather low caloric content, which allows them to be used in dietetics.

Adyghe cheese calorie content per 100 grams

In this article we will discuss one surprisinga dish of Caucasian cuisine. This product is Adyghe cheese. Caloric content by 100 grams is not high, so it is so popular in our country. In addition, this product is a national dish of Circassian cuisine.

History and description

There are many legends about the origin of cheese. Adygeans also have their own version of the origin of this tasty and healthy product. According to the Nart epic, which is common to a number of peoples of the North Caucasus, the secret was told to the young girl god Amish as a reward for saving a herd of animals in a storm.

Adyghe calorie cheese per 100 grams

So what is Adyghe cheese?(the calorific value per 100 grams is quite small)? It is a soft sour-milk product with pronounced taste and delicate texture. On a production scale, it produces two types: smoked and fresh. Milk is used as a raw material.

Caloric content and composition of cheese

This product is rightfully calleddietary, because it is lean in nature. Cheese Adyghe, caloric content per 100 grams of which is only 226-240 kcal, is useful for everyone: both children and adults. For one sandwich for breakfast it will take about 25 grams, which equals 60 kcal. If you eat in the morning even such a small piece of this useful product, you will enrich your own body with a lot of vitamins and trace elements. The mass of useful substances contains properly prepared Adyghe cheese, the calorie content per 100 grams is so small (in comparison with other varieties) that it can serve as a deterrent against overeating. Nutritionists recommend eating it often enough.

Adygei calorie cheese per 100 g fat content

This Adyghe cheese (caloric content per 100gram should not exceed 300 kcal) is extremely useful to include in your diet as often as possible, since it has a high nutritional value. It has already been proved that the proteins of this dairy product are assimilated by the human body almost 100%. Even the protein of fish or meat does not have this indicator. In 100 grams of cheese contains only 16 grams of fat, 1.5 grams of carbohydrates and 19 grams of protein.

This product without exaggeration can be calledunique in its kind. The fact is that it contains a huge amount of essential amino acids and acids, without which the human body can not function properly.

Beneficial features

Adyghe cheese is useful for children and adults. This product is often used by athletes in their diet, as it facilitates the rapid collection of muscle mass. People who have suffered a disease, Circassian cheese is also necessary, as it helps in a short time to return all the spent useful substances. During pregnancy and lactation, the female body needs to constantly replenish calcium stores. Adyghe cheese will help to cope with a similar problem.

In combination with proper nutrition, thisLactic acid product will help to strengthen your health. It is no coincidence that the longevity of the mountaineers and their endurance delight and amaze everyone. They even in old age differ excellent health and live up to 100 years, and even more.


Unfortunately, Adyghe cheese has andcontraindications. So, it can not be used by people who are allergic to milk. This cheese, like other types, contains an increased amount of tryptophan. This acid is capable of provoking a severe headache. To people suffering from migraine attacks, Adyghe cheese is too often not recommended.

How to choose and how to store Adyghe cheese?

Adyghe cheese is the most popular softcheese. Many people buy it, but not everyone knows how to choose it correctly. Remember that Circassian cheese can only be sold in vacuum packaging. Any other container indicates that you have a fake product. Pay attention to vacuum packaging: it must be airtight. If you have found moisture under the packaging, do not buy this product at all.

Adyghe cheese calorie content per 100 grams

Packaged cheese should be bought with specialwith caution, paying attention to the expiration dates. Look at the chopped pieces on the store shelf. Are there any traces of mold and moisture? Feel free to pass by! Is the cheese okay? Then buy! Know that the shelf life should be no more than 35 days, this is subject to proper storage.

What else should I focus on,so it's on the composition of the product. As a rule, it has an Adyghe caloric value of 100 grams (its fat content is also low) only 300 kcal and even less. It should be made only from pasteurized milk, rennet, whey and salt. No other ingredients and ingredients should be present in it.

A few words about the appearance. Cherkessky cheese can be either white or cream colored. The shade does not indicate the quality of the product, it depends on the fat content of the milk, which was used in the production process, or on the technology.

The smell should not be unpleasant and harsh. If you suddenly feel an ammonia or musty smell, it only indicates that during the production of milk contamination with E. coli or bacteria, yeast.

So, you bought Adyghe cheese. Caloric content per 100 grams, protein content - this is what you need to pay special attention to. All information is indicated on the packaging by the manufacturer. When you get home, immediately put it in the refrigerator. Do not store the cheese for a long time, otherwise it may form mold. If this still happened, do not feel sorry and throw away the spoiled product safely. Health is more expensive!

You can freeze the cheese at a temperature of minus 5 degrees, so it will last much longer. Shelf life in this case will be more than two months.

Recipe for cooking at home

If you do not trust the producers, you can try to make a delicious cheese yourself. In this there is nothing complicated.

Adyghe cheese Calorie content per 100 grams Protein content

For a recipe you will need to prepare three litersmilk, a full teaspoon of citric acid and half a teaspoon of salt. Take a saucepan with a thick bottom. Pour cold milk into it and put it on a stove. Prepare a strainer or colander, cover it with gauze and put it in another saucepan. Milk begins to boil, immediately pour citric acid and mix. After a couple of minutes, the cottage cheese will begin to separate from the whey. Then we throw the mass on the sieve. We miss gauze, forming a cheese head. We shift the knot down and let the serum drain, every ten minutes we tighten it tighter. Then free the cheese from the cheesecloth, salt on all sides and cool. After that, cover the plate with a deep bowl and place in the refrigerator. It will be stored for about a week.

Try to cook at home Adyghe cheese (caloric content per 100 grams, composition and useful properties will be the same as in the product from the store) and enjoy its marvelous taste!

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