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Marinated tomatoes recipe for a delicious dish

No, probably, not one mistress, who does notTomatoes would marinate for the winter. They can be marinated with cucumbers and Bulgarian pepper, or you can make a delicious salad. For canning, small-fruited tomatoes of round or plum form are best.

If tomatoes are large or flawed, thenmarinate them with lobules. There are many recipes for pickling. Each experienced hostess, who from year to year makes for the winter pickled tomatoes her own recipe. After trying several different ways of marinating, young housewives can find their own recipe. Here are some of the most popular recipes.

Marinated tomatoes
The classic pickled tomato recipeis not only the most popular, but also the simplest, even beginners can do. The fruits selected for marinating must be whole and healthy, of a dense consistency, the same in size and color. Fruits should be prepared in the usual way: separate from pedicels and rinse in cold water. Before you put the tomatoes in pre-steamed jars, it's a good idea to put a couple of laurel leaves on them and as many peas of sweet pepper and black. You can add cloves. Banks are better to use small, half-liter. Fruits should be packed tightly, but do not allow crushing.

Marinade filling is prepared in enamel ware. For 10 half-liter cans, you need 1.7 liters of water, half a liter of six percent vinegar, 100 grams of salt and about the same or more - sugar. Marinade must be boiled for 10-15 minutes, then pour into the cans to the very top, cover with lids, and grow them to be sterilized in a large saucepan. Half-liter cans need to be sterilized for 5-7 minutes, liter cans are sterilized for 8-9 minutes, three-liter sterilized for about fifteen minutes. After warming, the cans must be immediately sealed and cooled.

Marinated tomatoes recipe with garlic
Delicious marinated tomatoes with garlic are obtained. The recipe is designed for five 3 liter cans.
To prepare marinade you need to take 3 literswater, 3 large spoonfuls of 70% acetic essence, 12 tablespoons of sugar, and salt - four large spoons. From spices you will need sweet and black pepper peas - for 25 peas, and cloves - 20 pcs.
in such quantity of spice will be as thoughto be present in the marinade, but not to dominate. Those who love a strong smell, can increase their number. You can even add spices to your taste. For example, in the pickled tomatoes whose recipe is described, you can add laurel leaves, cardamom, coriander seeds or mustard.

While the jars and lids are sterilized, you need to wash the tomatoes. After this, some mistresses with a toothpick gently pierce each tomato from the side of the peduncle.
Purified garlic cloves are placed on the bottom of the can. Large denticles can be cut into slices or plates. Usually, one can take 2 jars, you can have 3 denticles, but you can do more. You can add to each jar a good dill umbrella, a slice of horseradish and 3-4 leaves of currant and cherry. Tomatoes are placed in cans and while the marinade is being cooked, they are poured with boiling water. From above on tomatoes it is possible to put an umbrella of dill and currant leaves.

Once the marinade is ready, boiling water is poured outand pour into the banks boiling marinade. Fill should be so that the tomatoes were completely covered, that is, to the very top and immediately rolled up with lids. Cover until the last moment you need to keep in the pan in which they are sterilized. Closed banks are turned over, wrapped and put to cool.

You can pickle green tomatoes. But this is an amateur, but sweet tomatoes whose recipe does not differ much from the previous one, for sure it will please all households. To make such tomatoes you need to take two times more sugar than salt, and add carrots and sweet Bulgarian peppers to the jar. Believe me, these tomatoes fly out with a bang!

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