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Hot way to pick up the mushrooms and its fineness

A hot way to pickle the mushrooms gives an opportunity to cook an amazing snack for the winter. Let's look at the recipe in detail.

hot way of pickling

Salting mushrooms hot way. Adding spices

You will need a lot of water, two tablespoonsa large salt for every liter for brine and as much for boiling mushrooms. A hot way of pickling gruzades involves using spices: ten peas of sweet pepper per liter, as much black, several grains of cloves, cherry, laurel and currant leaves to taste. You can also add roots - parsley and horseradish. Will not hurt and garlic.

A hot way of pickling mushrooms. Preparation of mushrooms

Mushrooms need to be washed and cleaned very well. A sponge and a brush will help you with this. Try not to damage the pulp of the mushrooms, at the same time, as thoroughly as possible, clean them from debris. Pick up the mushrooms better in enameled or stainless (made of high-quality steel) dishes. Make sure that it is not chipped and scratched. First, boil the necessary amount of water, adding salt. In boiling water dip the spices and mushrooms. Now they have to boil for a third of an hour, and in the meantime you will take brine.

pickling mushrooms in a hot way

A hot way of picking up gruzies implies thatBrine is prepared directly in the saucepan in which you will salt the mushrooms. Dissolve in water salt, boil, add spices (except for horseradish and garlic). Cook boiled mushrooms in a colander, and then dip into the brine, when excess water will drain. In it, they again need to boil for about a quarter of an hour. Remove the broth from the fire with mushrooms, put garlic and horseradish into it. Mix until spices are distributed throughout the brine volume. Set on top oppression of medium gravity. He should not flatten the mushrooms - they should just be crushed to avoid contact with oxygen. Salting gruzadei in a hot way implies that in this position mushrooms with brine should stand in a cool place for up to six days. Then they should be poured along with the liquid along the sterilized jars, pour a thin layer of olive or vegetable refined oil on top (this is done to prevent oxygen ingress). Now the jars should be placed in a refrigerator or cellar. But the mushrooms are not quite ready yet - the last phase of the ambassador lasts about a month. Ready mushrooms can be served by seasoning with vegetable oil and onions. They are cut or eaten whole.

ways to pick up the load
Other ways of pickling

For the cold method it is necessary to calculate the salt withmaximum accuracy. Its weight should be four percent of the total weight of the gruel. Also for several days these mushrooms need to be soaked, every day draining the water and pouring new mushrooms. Lay a layer of salt on the bottom of the jar, top it with leaves of horseradish, cherry and currant, cloves of garlic and dill stems. Place the pancakes with the hat down, then add salt and spices again, and so on to the top of the jar. Mushrooms are allowed to juice. After this happens, they are placed in a cool place for four months. From these gruzies you get a perfect filling for pies, they are also used as side dishes and as part of snacks.

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