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Cooking a birthday cake for her husband

The birthday cake for her husband should be special. Of course, sometimes it's easier to order ready. But if you have the time, and you love to tinker with pastries, it is better to cook with your own hands a sweet gift.

birthday cake for her husband
The recipe given in this article will helpprepare you a very special cake for 30 years to her husband. However, it will be appropriate at any jubilee. Cake "Opera" is a real masterpiece of confectionery craftsmanship. But if you follow step by step recommendations, you can easily create it in your own kitchen.

Elegant birthday cake for her husband - start cooking

Three thin biscuit cakes should be impregnatedsyrup from coffee with rum (cognac), smear with coffee-oil cream, cover with a two-layer glaze made of dark chocolate. It is most convenient to make a birthday cake for the husband of a rectangular shape. Traditionally, the Opera is decorated with pieces of food gold.

 cake to her husband's birthday photo
It successfully contrasts with dark glaze and a strict classical cake shape. Let's list the ingredients from which we will bake a biscuit:

  • For 113 grams of sweet almonds kernels of powdered sugar;
  • 30 g of self-rising or bread flour;
  • 3 eggs at room temperature and as many egg whites;
  • 13 g of white sugar;
  • 17 g of butter (creamy, unsalted, it should be of good quality).

A tray must have strictly definedparameters: 33 cm by 40 cm. The specified number of ingredients is calculated exactly for this size. Then biscuit will get the thickness we need. The baking tray should be lined with bakery paper (along with the sides), and the oven is heated to 185 degrees Celsius. This cake for the birthday of her husband can be baked in two ways. The first is mixing almonds with sugar powder (the mixture must be immediately sifted through a large sieve) and whisking with eggs for ten minutes. Then add the hot melted butter in three steps. Beating for this time does not stop, the speed does not decrease. Then also add flour, sugar and protein foam in portions.

cake for 30 years husband
The second (more rapid) way isCombining all the ingredients and whipping them, then add hot oil and whipped whites. The oven biscuit 12 minutes, then cool and cut into three equal rectangles. One of them should be smeared with melted chocolate and put into the refrigerator (in order to keep the impregnation better).

We continue to bake a cake to my husband

Birthday (photo shows an excellentlayered baked dessert) does not do without a spectacular dessert. In order for the cake to look as presentable as possible, it should be collected very carefully. First make impregnation of coffee, rum, vanilla and sugar (water and sugar should be taken in equal proportions, and flavorings - to taste). For butter cream, whip 4 yolks and brew them with a hot syrup of 110 grams of sugar and a tablespoon of water. Continue to beat, adding oil by pieces (175 g). In the end, mix coffee extract and vanilla. To cover (ganache), melt the two black chocolates with cream, milk and butter in equal proportions. Corgi should be soaked in syrup and alternately sandwich with cream. Top cover with ganache and decorate with food gold.

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