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Home canning: soup refueling for the winter

Summer and autumn are hot when it's full speedthe canning process is in progress. Thrifty housewives strive to close and whole vegetables, and a variety of salads, and even special dressings for soups and borscht. After all, how convenient: opened a jar in the winter, put a couple of spoons of fragrant preservation in the pan - that's the dish and it got an amazing taste!

Bean dressing with tomato

soup refueling for the winter
Soup refueling for the winter can be different. In its composition include those or other vegetables, beans, peas, cereals. The main thing is for the mixture to turn out delicious and meet its main tasks - to bring to the dish the maximum possible amount of vitamins and substances useful to our body. For example, soup seasoning for the winter from beans, tomatoes and other fruits and roots. Ingredients: carrots - 3 kilograms, as much sweet pepper, onions, 4.5-5 kilograms of tomatoes, 5-6 glasses of beans. Carrots must be rubbed, tomatoes, onions and peppers chopped, beans pre-cook until ready. Preparing soup refueling for the winter in this way: in the cast iron should pour a liter of oil, and when it warms up, fall asleep alternately components. First, 10-15 carrots, then onions, and 10 minutes later - pepper and tomatoes should be stained. After that, pour 300 g of sugar, 8 tablespoons of vinegar (6%), salt - 5-6 tablespoons. Lastly, soup refueling for the winter is supplemented with pre-cooked beans and left on fire for another 40-45 minutes. It should be stirred regularly. When the mixture is extinguished, it should be poured in boiling form over prepared banks and rolled up. Turn over, cover with a warm cloth and leave until completely cooled. Such soup dressing for the winter can be used both as an independent salad for garnishes, and as a component ingredient of the first vegetable dishes.

Refueling for tomato soup or kharcho

soup dressing for the winter
It is very convenient and convenient to consider such avegetable mix, which is suitable for soups of different types: tomato, kharcho, rice, puree. Its components are: 4 kg of tomatoes, 2 - carrots, the same number of onions and salt - 150-200 grams. This soup refueling-harvesting for the winter has excellent taste qualities. Onions and tomatoes are cut into pieces, put together in cast iron, a dry carrot is poured into them, after which the mixture is left for several hours to start the juice. At this time for it you can make a marinade: mix half a liter of vegetable oil with 300 g of vinegar 9% or 500 g of 6% and 400-450 g of sugar. Pour a few peas of sweet pepper, laurel leaves, boil all. After that, the marinade should be mixed with the vegetable stock, stir, add salt, leave to boil, and then cook for half an hour on medium heat. Roll in a hot kind.

Pumpkin dressing with tomatoes

recipe for soup refueling for the winter
And, finally, the recipe for soup filling for the winter,which is considered a universal cooks. After all, it is put not only in soups, but also borsch, and the result is excellent! It requires: asparagus beans (2 kg), tomatoes - one and a half kg, Bulgarian pepper - 1 kg, pumpkin - 1 kg, half a kilo of onions, half a liter of oil, 300 g of sugar, 35 - salt, 50 ml of 9% vinegar , a head of garlic, spices. Vegetables and garlic clean, grind meat grinder, but do not mix. In pig iron in hot oil fry the onions, after 12 minutes - tomato, vinegar, sugar, salt. Leave it to boil. Then report the remaining components and put it under the lid for about an hour. Leave for 10 minutes, add spices. Then pack on ready-made cans and close. Like another refueling, this can be added when extinguishing meat, potatoes or used as a side dish for pasta, porridge, potatoes.

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