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Delicious feast: compote of bananas

Organize a home holiday is capable of eachmistress. On the table will necessarily be the original dishes for special secret recipes. But what to drink all this splendor? This question is often left open. The easiest way to buy a ready-made juice or carbonated drink, but will it benefit? Of course not. Another thing - a delicious compote. This drink will be a useful addition to any menu.

compote of bananas

"Table" danger

It is difficult to find today a child and an adult whoI would not try the soda. But people should understand that a set of preservatives and dyes does not bring anything good. Allergies, intestinal disorders, gastrointestinal disorders and obesity are not a complete list of the dangers that await a person in advertised store delicacies. Instead, you can prepare an unusual drink - compote of bananas. This option will be of interest not only for small gourmets, but also for adults.

The easiest recipe

Many will ask why "reinventa bike"? Is not it easier to cook ordinary compote of apples or dried fruits? But it happens that I want to try something new. Compote of bananas is also very easy to prepare, but this drink will become a kind of a highlight on the table.

delicious compote

The list of foods is ridiculously simple. You need water, bananas and sugar. Here everything depends on the taste preferences of family members. If you like sweet drinks, then 1.5 liters of water will require 2 bananas with a peel and a glass of sugar. The rind needs to be thoroughly washed before putting the bananas in the water. Compote of bananas cooked on low heat for about 10 minutes. Bananas in the peel are cut into circles of 1-1.5 cm and laid in boiling water. The water is taken for this amount of bananas from 1 to 1.5 liters, depending on the required concentration of compote. The drink is infused before use for about an hour. Bananas should not be ripe, so that the compote does not darken and does not acquire a specific smell.

Banana compote can be insisted on with leafletsmint, add a lemon or other citrus fruit. Thus thirst is very well satisfied. With a minimum amount of sugar, this compote can be given to very young children. Usually such a drink does not give allergic reactions.

Harvest for the winter

Compote of bananas for the winter is rarely harvested, as these fruits are sold in stores all the time. And nevertheless, several cans of this compost can be closed to receive unexpected guests.

compote of bananas for the winter

Three-liter cans to sterilize, covers forCompote boil and leave in hot water. Compote to cook about the way described in the first section. In each jar add a few slices of a well-washed lemon or orange, pour hot compote and roll. Banks wrap, so that they warm up and slowly cool down. Before serving, compote of bananas should be cooled and filtered.

A few delicious tricks

If in an ordinary compote of apples, cherries, currants or other fruits, add uncleaned banana slices, then its vitamin value will increase.

Significantly more often bananas are used in the recipecocktails than compotes. This is also surprisingly tasty and useful. For cocktails it is desirable to choose ripe bananas. Ice cream and milk are added to the blender, and then all is whipped into a homogeneous mass. Serve this cocktail in a tall glass with a straw. If desired, you can add fruit syrup before whipping, but the ice cream contains a sufficient amount of sugar, and in additional sweeteners the cocktail does not need.

compote of bananas

People who follow a figure can make deliciousbanana breakfast in a blender. To do this, take a little yogurt, add oat flakes and a peeled banana, and then beat well. In a few minutes, a healthy breakfast is ready. Lovers of sweet can add a little honey to the recipe.

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