/ How to prepare apricot in syrup for the winter?

How to prepare apricot in syrup for the winter?

Apricots in syrup are recommended for harvestingwinter at the beginning of the season. In fact at this time it is possible to get unripe fruits with a greenery, which possess the hardness and shape necessary for such dessert.

Apricot in syrup for the winter is prepared enougheasily and quickly. In addition, this preparation can be done not only with the use of the named fruit, but also with the use of various berries (cherries, plums, etc.). Today we will consider only the simplest versions of preparation of a canned product, which you can enjoy with a cold evening.

Home-made preparations for the winter: recipes for cooking apricots in sweet syrup

Necessary ingredients:

  • sand sugar - 400 g;
  • apricots are solid - 700 g;
  • clean drinking water - 1 liter.
    apricot in syrup for the winter

The process of processing fruit

apricots in syrup
Apricot in syrup for the winter can be made fromoverripe fruit, but in this case the harvest will be more like a jam. In this connection it is required to take 700 gr. hard fruit, put them in a colander and alternately wash in a little warm water. Next, the apricots should be slightly incised with a knife in the middle, and then break them into two halves. After that, it is necessary to remove the bones from the fruits, which if desired can be split and, taking nuts, send them along with the pulp for canning.

Fruit laying

Before you make apricot in syrup for the winter,should prepare a few small glass jars. They are recommended to sterilize, scalding with steep boiling water. Thus, fresh half-fruit should be laid out in a circle in the cans (up to the "shoulders"), and also if desired, pour nuts from the bones to them. Next in a separate bowl you need to pour the usual purified water and bring it to a boil. After that, the fruit should be poured with steep boiling water, cover and insist for 10 minutes. After the required time, the water must be poured from the cans into the pan again and sugar can be added to it.

The final stage in the preparation

After the sweet liquid boils, itsshould once again pour on jars with fruits (up to the top), which in the future is required to be rolled up with sterile lids, turn upside down and wrap it up with a dense rag. In this position of the workpiece it is recommended to stand for exactly 24 hours, after which they should be sent to a cellar, a cellar or a dark cupboard.

Apricot in syrup for winter with ripe cherries

homemade preparations for winter recipes

Necessary ingredients:

  • sand sugar - 500 g;
  • apricots are solid - 800 g;
  • cherry sweet - 200 g;
  • clean drinking water - 1 liter.

Cooking process

Rigid apricots should be processed in accuracyas well as in the previous recipe. After this, it is required to wash the cherry well, and then lay it in sterilized jars with half-fruits. Next, in a separate saucepan, boil the syrup (1 liter of drinking water should be 400-500 grams of sugar) and pour it over all the jars filled with fruits and berries. Then the workpieces should be rolled up, turned over and put under a blanket for further cooling.

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