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Sopers with cottage cheese: a simple recipe for a masterpiece

Cottage cheese is a very useful product, cookedfrom milk by curtailing. It contains a large amount of calcium and protein in an easily digestible form. Particularly useful cottage cheese for a child's growing body. But not many children like cottage cheese. To help mothers come varieties of different baking with this useful product. Favorite sesame dish in children for many years remain sotnikov.

owls with cottage cheese

Sopers with cottage cheese are sweet pastries,It is a patty made of crumbly short pastry with curd filling. They appeared in culinary, buffet and canteens during the Soviet Union and immediately won a huge number of fans. Delicious, with the most delicate filling of the sotnik with cottage cheese, fell in love with adults and children, and they did not cost so much. Now they can also be purchased in cookery. The price for a sotnik with cottage cheese is 15-20 rubles. But their taste has changed a little. Prepare the real owls with cottage cheese, the taste of which causes nostalgia in the senior and middle generation, you can at home, following the proposed recipe. So, to make this delicious baking you need to make a dough and stuffing. Ingredients for the dough: one egg, one hundred grams of margarine or butter, flour (2 cups), a quarter teaspoon of salt, half a glass of sugar, a teaspoon of soda, hydrated vinegar, three tablespoons of sour cream. The egg should be mixed thoroughly with sugar. Melt the melted meat. Mix the prepared components, adding the rest of the ingredients. Well knead the dough. Then it must be rolled into a layer five millimeters thick. To prepare the filling take: two hundred grams of cottage cheese, a tablespoon of sugar and a tablespoon of flour, as well as a single egg. All is mixed until a homogeneous mass is formed.

with cottage cheese

If desired, you can add vanillin or vanillasugar, this will give the ready-made dish a mouth-watering flavor. With a round bowl or saucer, you need to cut out the same circles from the dough. For each circle of the test lay out the filling, fold in half, slightly flattened at the edge. You can leave the edges unplugged, but you can also tear open the edge, forming a beautiful pigtail. With the yolk left over from the filling, grease the sophers from above. We lay on a baking sheet, covered with parchment paper or oiled. Sopers with cottage cheese bake at a temperature of 200-220 degrees for 20-30 minutes.

sotnik with cottage cheese

This recipe will make deliciouscurd dish, which will appeal to both adults and children. Cooking with the cottage cheese with cottage at home is economically profitable. In addition, by preparing them yourself, you will be immune from the use of harmful additives in the baking: preservatives, baking powder, flavors, etc. Sopers can be served with tea, coffee, cocoa, milk or compote. They will be a great addition to a full breakfast. Also, the sotnik with cottage cheese can be served for a mid-morning snack, supplementing them with a cup of milk. This is a useful, nutritious dish. However, their excessive consumption can lead to an increase in body weight - this, too, should not be forgotten. Bon Appetit!

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